Bakers Local 114

Fast rise at Bakers Local 114

Taylor Almond was a newborn on her first visit to the Bakers Local 114 office. On March 22, age 29, she was appointed the local’s top officer. 

FTC sues to stop Kroger-Albertsons merger

In court filings the antitrust agency says letting the two giants join would harm union grocery workers in particular.

Safeway bargaining lasts two years … for six bakers

Safeway demanded separate agreements after three new units voted in 2021 to join Local 114. Then Safeway stalled negotiations.

Noel E. Johnson, 1934-2023

He joined Bakers Local 114 in 1952, and led the union as executive secretary-treasurer for a decade before his retirement in 1992.

Union-busting bakery pays $580k to settle overtime case

Workers sometimes win when they raise the union banner, even when they lose the union.

Workers at Grand Central Baking ratify their first union contract

In its first contract with Bakers Local 114, the wholesale bakery will pay overtime after 8.5 hours and raise wages 8% over three years.

Bakers Local 114 members reelect officers to new term

Local 114 represents 1,160 workers at wholesale bakeries and at Kroger, Safeway and Albertson’s who decorate cakes or bake from scratch.

On the job with Bakers Local 114

Bite into a burger at any Portland-area Wendy’s or Burger King, and there’s a one in three chance the bun began with Mario Aldaco.

Nancy Milner, 1951-2020

The Bakers union activist and former AWPPW member died after long bout with cancer.

Is Grand Central Baking getting ready to fire union supporters?

A wholesale bakery manager quit after being told to target union supporters for discipline.

Grand Central Bakery workers join union

Despite appeals from the CEO, workers at the Portland wholesale bakery voted 29-9 to be union-represented.

Union campaign goes public at Grand Central Bakery

Workers at the company's Northwest Portland wholesale bakery want to join Bakers Local 114.

Terry Lansing retires after 14 years at the helm of Bakers Local 114

Lansing retired Dec. 2 after a lifetime of involvement in the labor movement.

Union members at Franz Bakery support MLK day of service.

Staffed by union volunteers, a Franz Bakery truck served free grilled cheese sandwiches at O'Bryant Square in downtown Portland.

Bakers Local 114 elections

Local 114 represents about 1,150 workers at the Franz, Kroger, Safeway and Bimbo/Oroweat wholesale bakeries as well as bakery workers in grocery stores.

Portland caterer signs contract with Bakers Local 114

The newly unionized company has frequently catered union events.

Labor Council takes stand against soda tax initiative

The Labor Council is discouraging union members from signing the initiative petitions.

Portland Bakery Union member Shad Clark made international VP for Western Region

The former Local 114 business agent has a long history as a union worker and activist.

Union-busting bakery accused of wage theft in class-action lawsuit

Portland Specialty Bakery, which makes baked goods for Starbucks, is accused of wage and hour and sick leave violations.

Bakers Local 114 closes Wells Fargo account for its link to an anti-union group

For business leaders, actions sometimes have consequences.