Blumenauer’s final stand: Cutting back a trade loophole

Nearly a billion packages were mailed directly and duty free from China to U.S. consumers last year, some containing narcotics.

U.S. trade deficit hit new record in 2022

Both exports and imports of goods and services rose, but imports rose more in 2022, breaking a record for the second year in a row.

U.S. trade deficit at highest level ever

America’s annual trade deficit—the amount by which imports are greater than exports—jumped 27% in 2021 to a new record, $859.1 billion.

Trump’s new NAFTA labor rules to be tested

The AFL-CIO says 600 Mexican auto parts workers were fired in acts of retaliation for union activity—violating Mexico's labor rights pledge.

Biden’s new trade enforcers

The Biden Administration continues to name union figures to top government positions. The latest two appointments will oversee trade policy.

AFL-CIO applauds Biden pick for trade representative

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Katherine Tai’s appointment is a stark departure from the failed NAFTA-style trade policy.

House passes NAFTA re-write

It's the first major change to NAFTA since the three-nation trade agreement first took effect 25 years ago.

AFL-CIO endorses Trump’s revised re-write of NAFTA trade treaty

For the first time in a generation, NAFTA is getting a re-write, and even America’s premier trade union federation has endorsed the final draft.

Looking back on the Battle in Seattle

It’s been 20 years since the Seattle WTO protests. The corporate trade agenda has never recovered.

Trump’s new NAFTA: Is America’s trade policy at a crossroads?

When Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer learned he’d be the new chair of a House trade subcommittee, the first call he made was to Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain.

An end to NAFTA?

A new two-nation trade deal with Mexico could take the place of the three-nation agreement known as NAFTA.

Untangling Trump’s trade policy

Given Trump’s habit of contradictory statements, tweeted policy announcements and reversals, and personal spats with foreign heads of state, it can be hard to keep up.

America’s trade deficit soars in Trump’s first year

The goods deficit with China hit a new record in 2017.

Interfaith Worker Justice releases report on Mondelēz decision to shift production to Mexico

Faith group says owners of the iconic Oreo brand treat working people like a commodity.

Trump NAFTA proposal: End corporations’ right to sue governments

When it comes to trade policy, an administration that has otherwise sided almost wholly with business lobbies is listening, a little, to organized labor.

Trump does NAFTA

Despite what Trump says, NAFTA is not a failed trade agreement. Written by and for the benefit of corporate elites, it's a resounding success — for them.

Six questions for organized labor’s top NAFTA expert

Twenty-three years after NAFTA became law, Trump wants to renegotiate it. Round 1 of talks ended Aug. 20. To find out more, we spoke with the AFL-CIO’s top trade policy expert.

Work slows at Portland plant as Nabisco shifts production to Mexico

Week-long plant shutdowns prompt 18 U.S. Senators to write to company CEO.

Why, Kate, why? Oregon governor declares support for Trans-Pacific Partnership

As protesters take to the steps outside the Capitol, Brown says she's following Wyden's lead.