Workplace Wins in Washington: A look at the 2024 legislative session

A bill to extend unemployment benefits to striking workers died, but lawmakers passed other measures to bolster workers rights.

Washington House votes to allow unemployment benefits for strikers

HB 1893 passed the Washington House of Representatives 53-44 on Feb. 13 and now goes to the Washington Senate.

Bills would give unemployment benefits to strikers

Washington could join New York, New Jersey, and Maine in providing unemployment benefits when workers go on strike.

Union Voter Guide to the SW Washington Election

Washington's Nov. 7 general election covers local races for school board, city council, and special districts.

Washington gives Uber drivers more workers rights

On May 15, Washington became the first state to extend unemployment insurance and paid family and medical leave to Uber and Lyft drivers.

In Olympia, steps forward for workers

Washington’s 2023 legislative session concluded April 23 with wins for worker safety, workers compensation, and affordable housing.

Bill would require ‘good faith’ by workers comp administrators

Self-insuring for workers comp may set up too strong an incentive to deny claims. Firefighters and other unions are pushing for reform.

Rideshare driver protections start Jan. 1 in Washington

They include minimum per-minute, per-mile and per-trip rates drivers must be paid; paid sick leave; workers compensation; and more.

Union Guide to the 2022 General Election

This ballot guide lists candidates who have at least one labor organization endorsing them and who have opponents on the ballot.

Primary propels SW Washington labor candidates on to November

Every labor-backed candidate in SW Washington’s Aug. 2 primary will advance to the general election, and two ballot measures were approved.

A Union Guide to Washington’s August 2022 primary

This union-focused ballot guide for Southwest Washington keeps it simple: It only lists candidates who have at least one union endorsement.

Washington closes 2022 legislative session with short list of worker gains

Lawmakers supported apprenticeship and green energy, but punted again on proposals to set standards for hospital staffing.

Labor bills moving in Olympia

Measures to expedite energy facility siting, promote apprenticeship, and set minimum health care staffing have passed their first chamber.

An early look at Washington labor’s 2022 legislative agenda

The Washington State Labor Council will push a “Workers’ Recovery Agenda” that prioritizes workers’ health and safety, and job creation.

Labor tallies election wins in Southwest Washington

In the Nov. 2 election, all but one of the city and school board candidates endorsed by the SW Washington Central Labor Council won office.

A union guide to the 2021 general election for Southwest Washington

Washington’s 2021 general election determines who leads city councils and school districts. Ballots are mailed Oct. 15 and are due Nov. 2.

Washington State Labor Council releases state lawmaker ratings 

As tallied by the AFL-CIO, Southwest Washington has some of the most pro-worker legislators in the state, and some of the most anti-worker.

A union guide to the 2021 primary election for Southwest Washington

Washington’s 2021 primary helps determine city councils and school districts. Ballots are mailed July 16 and must be postmarked by Aug. 3.

How working people and unions fared in the 2021 session of the Washington Legislature

Washington State Labor Council will soon report on the 2021 legislative session. Judging by a draft version, it was a good session for labor.

Washington labor legislation update

Bills to give farm workers the right to overtime pay and create a COVID-19 workers’ comp presumption look likely to pass.