Green Jobs

$1 billion for Northwest hydrogen infrastructure

An all-union "hydrogen hub" proposal by Oregon, Washington and Montana just got a massive federal commitment.

Electric big rigs are now union-made in Portland

Daimler started producing the long-awaited eCascadia this summer, and plans to start deliveries of the all-electric big rig later this year.

The future is electric

With flood of federal investments on the way, union electricians are looking to electric vehicle infrastructure as a massive growth industry.

Shouldn’t electric cars mean good jobs?

Gordon Lafer says the federal government should put workers’ rights conditions on the coming billions in subsidy.

Daimler: The future of Freightliner is electric

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley got a look at Daimler's new electric trucks on a visit to a Swan Island electric fueling station .

Renewable diesel fuel refinery will be union built and operated

Construction work on the $1.6 billion project could begin in early 2022 at Port Westward near Clatskanie and employ 800 workers.

Colossal energy storage project in Columbia Gorge will be union-built

The Goldendale Energy Storage Project would be the area’s biggest project since the Columbia River hydro dams were built.

PGE’s new windfarm: union-built

When complete, the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility will be one of the nation’s largest wind/solar/battery combinations.

Environmental groups say green jobs need to pay a living wage

At least 16 groups have signed a letter to senators supporting a call by the Oregon State Building Trades Council for "high-road" standards.

Green jobs, but not for you

Oregon construction unions say state-subsidized clean energy work is going to nonunion out-of-state firms and out-of-state crews.

Merkley bill: Green jobs should be union jobs

A bill in the U.S. Senate would incentivize private renewable energy projects to sign union-brokered project labor agreements and follow the federal government’s Davis Bacon prevailing wage requirements for construction.

Oregon climate response: Cap and invest?

Big carbon emitters would get market incentives to convert.

If Labor and Greens join forces

What role will organized labor play in the transition to a zero-carbon economy?

Jeff Merkley at the Blue Green Summit

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley spoke Sept. 15 to labor and environmental leaders assembled for a national Clean and Fair Economy Summit in Olympia, Washington. Here's what he said.

What if workers were at the center of the transition to a low-carbon economy?

Humanity may have to stop using fossil fuels, but that doesn’t mean those employed in fossil fuel industries must be left behind.

A labor report from the Paris climate summit

Washington AFL-CIO’s Jeff Johnson tells why he was there, and why labor MUST get involved.

A Labor Movement Call to Address Climate Change

Joe Uehlein talks about the prospects for a closer labor-enviro alliance

Climate change on labor’s radar

Labor wants to be in the room in talks about a carbon tax for Oregon

Labor to join rally to demand action on climate change

The NYC event is expected to be the largest climate change rally ever

Musicians Union hall goes solar

The union hall benefits from a new Oregon pilot program of feed-in tariffs