Buying Union

Teamsters declare boycott of Coors

About 420 members of Teamsters Local 997 at the Coors brewery in Fort Worth, Texas, have been on strike since Feb. 17 seeking fair raises.

No more union cannabis

Budtenders at the only two unionized cannabis dispensaries in Oregon voted unanimously to leave UFCW Local 555 on Jan. 22 and 23.

Homeowners, don’t despair: You CAN find union contractors

Quality work – and family-sustaining benefits – set union contractors apart.

Union-made gift ideas

Buying union-made keeps good jobs in the community and lets you vote with your dollars for businesses that pay a living wage with benefits.

Vancouver candidate uses fake union bug

Russell Brent, a candidate for Port of Vancouver commissioner, made a big blunder with a tiny logo.

Kaiser Permanente now on AFL-CIO “unfair” lists

With members of UFCW Local 555 on strike, the Oregon AFL-CIO and Northwest Oregon Labor Council have designated Kaiser as an unfair employer.

Union wants musicians to set standards for venues

What if musicians set minimum standards for their work, and concert-goers had a way to know which clubs met standards?

How to fly union

Of the major U.S. airlines, American, Southwest, Alaska and United are mostly union; Delta and JetBlue, not so much.

Busy season for union printers

Is your mailbox filling up with political mail? If it’s from a Democrat, it was almost certainly printed by union members.

Cannabis boycott remains as strike wanes

At Gresham cannabis grower CBN Holdings, a strike for union recognition has dragged on without result, and workers have had to find new jobs.

Labor Council calls Integrated Power Services ‘unfair’

The union says electric motor repair shop IPS didn't bargain in good faith, and its Portland workers have voted to authorize a strike.

Union printers merge: Morel Ink acquires NuWay Printing

Union-endorsed political campaigns make up a sizable chunk of Morel and NuWay clients, so the union label is a big deal.

Union cannabis comes to Oregon

UFCW represents workers at the new Salem location of Seattle-based cannabis retail chain Have a Heart.

Union Cab quietly goes non-union

Despite claims on its web site, the cooperative taxi company is no longer union-affiliated.

No more ‘American Idle’?

UAW is calling on Americans to buy American. And sing about it.

Union-made gift ideas

Buying any gifts this holiday season? If you buy union, you help keep good jobs in the community, and vote with your dollars for enterprises that pay your fellow workers a living wage with benefits.

Outside a Portland Walmart: The Nabisco Boycott Day of Action

With actions outside 100 stores nationwide, the union boycott against Mexican-made Nabisco products isn't going away any time soon.

Morel Ink: Owners change, union remains

Longtime owners Bill Dickey and Matt Witham sold the business to longtime employees.

Mexican-made Nabisco boycott continues, and so does union standoff

Laid-off workers tour college campuses and protest at the annual shareholders meeting.

Need some electrical work done? Here’s $200 to help you get it done with a union professional

As part of a campaign to win back residential work, IBEW Local 48 is ready to contribute $200 toward your next home electrical project.