Bakers Local 114 members reelect officers to new term


Financial secretary-treasurer Darren Hamann, business agent Alejandro Ahumada, and other officers at Bakers Local 114 were unopposed for new three year terms in union elections held in December.

Local 114 represents 1,160 workers at several big wholesale bakeries as well as workers at Kroger and Safeway/Albertson’s stores who decorate cakes or bake in from-scratch in-store bakeries. Two of the elected offices are full-time paid positions—financial secretary-treasurer and business agent.

Those elected are:

  • Financial secretary-treasurer Darren Hamann
  • Business agent Alejandro Ahumada
  • President Andrew Stern (Bimbo/Oroweat)
  • Vice President Tami Mathews (Kroger Clackamas Bakery)
  • Recording Secretary David Gettman (Bimbo/Oroweat)
  • Executive Board Gene Beaudoin (Local 114), Steve Dade (Franz Springfield), Noe Salcido (Franz Springfield), Ron Williams (Bimbo/Oroweat), Sylvia Stredwick (Albertson’s), Gary Gibson (Safeway Clackamas bread plant), Justin Gomes (Kroger Clackamas Bakery), Stephen Hartley (Franz Portland)
  • Trustees Mario Aldaco (Franz Portland), Laurie Errend (Albertson’s), and Zachary Murphy (Safeway Clackamas bread plant)

All are incumbents except for Murphy, who will be new on the Executive Board.

Members also elected delegates to the national convention of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco, and Grain Millers (BCTGM), which will take place in 2022: Gene Beaudoin, Tami Mathews, and Terry McClery (alternate).

For the upcoming term, Hamann said priorities will include finalizing a first-ever union contract at Grand Central Baking, and negotiating new collective bargaining agreements with Kroger Clackamas Bakery and the Safeway Clackamas bread plant. The current agreements at the big Kroger and Safeway bakeries expire summer 2021. Current contracts for the local’s biggest bargaining units, Franz and Oroweat, don’t expire until 2024.


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