Worker safety

Florida bans local rules to protect workers from heat

Texas passed similar legislation in 2023, banning local rules that would require water breaks for construction workers.

When temperatures rise, stay safe at work

State-level workplace heat rules can save lives, but only if workers and employers know about them.

Union ironworker dies after workplace accident at Benson High School

Samantha “Sam” Deschenes was 33, and leaves behind a nine-year-old son. Union members are contributing to help her family.

Dirty drinking water? Portland shipyard workers say no thanks

Complaints started coming in that at some of the stations, the water was coming out discolored with debris. 

Workers Memorial:  a solemn reminder

Every year, the national AFL-CIO produces a report on the state of worker safety and health in America, titled Death on the Job.

The 10 most dangerous jobs

Vehicle accidents and falls caused more than half of on-the-job deaths in 2022. Here are the jobs with the highest rates of fatal injuries.

Killed on the job in 2023

Here are the names of the 66 Oregon and Southwest Washington workers who died on the job or from injuries sustained while working last year.

Increasingly, letter carriers face armed robbery

To counter a 200% increase in robberies of letter carriers in the last six years, lawmakers introduced a new bill at their union's request. 

Biden’s bad dog: a threat to workplace safety

Virginia Foxx — a ferociously anti-union Republican Congresswoman — is investigating workplace safety at the White House.

Vancouver firm fined in grisly accident is repeat child labor offender

After a 16-year-old lost both legs in a workplace accident, an investigation found Rotschy has committed dozens of child labor law violations. 

City of Portland fined for wrecking bar accident

The Aug. 11 workplace accident sent a metal bar through a City of Portland maintenance worker’s stomach.

How to not get carpal tunnel

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries ‘Ideas Bank’ has ergonomics hacks for every industry.

Local 483 raising funds for gravely injured city worker

A City of Portland maintenance worker was impaled by a metal bar at work. His union has launched a fundraiser to support him as he recovers.

Remembering Joe Killian

Because of toxins in burning buildings, cancer deaths for firefighters are considered to be deaths in the line of duty.

Assaulted by children, child welfare workers call for director’s removal

Washington's child welfare workers are at high risk for physical assault and burnout, and the program’s leader is to blame, says WFSE.

Washington updates heat protections for outdoor workers

It’s going to keep getting hotter. And workers need to know how to stay safe in heat.

Murder of health aide shows fears were valid

Cascadia Behavioral Health employee Haley Rogers, a member of AFSCME Local 1790-4, was stabbed to death July 16 by one of her patients.

Rule to protect Washington workers from wildfire smoke moves forward

Washington state’s workplace safety agency has proposed a new rule to protect outdoor workers from wildfire smoke. 

Lawmakers end Oregon’s lowest-in-nation OSHA penalties

A bill to toughen OSHA penalties is on its way to Governor Kotek’s desk after committee room drama and a failed GOP attempt to gut the bill. 

Oregon bill would let workers refuse unsafe work

SB 907 passed out of the state Senate with a bipartisan 21-8 vote on April 13 and is now being taken up in the House.