More local unions pass resolutions on Gaza

The latest resolutions call for an end to arming and funding Israel, and for Israel to vacate Gaza and the West Bank.

AFL-CIO condemns Hamas attacks, calls for cease-fire

The AFL-CIO, the federation of labor unions that represents about 12.5 million working people, issued a call Feb. 8 for a cease-fire in Gaza.

SEIU and AFT join call for cease-fire in Gaza

SEIU and American Federation of Teachers became the fourth and fifth national unions in the United States to call for a cease-fire in Gaza.

More unions issue call for cease-fire in Gaza

More than 50 local unions have signed a letter calling on President Joe Biden and Congress to push for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

Unions call for halt to conflict in Gaza

Statements issued or signed by over a dozen unions call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and the release of hostages taken by Hamas.

We’re number 38!

The British anti-poverty group Oxfam recently ranked 38 developed nations on worker well-being. The United States was at or near the bottom.

Solidarity on land and sea

Foreign-flagged vessels dock in Northwest ports. Since 2020 a coalition has defended the rights of the workers who crew them.

Adidas executive flees protesters at Portland talk

Members and officers of Machinists Lodge 63 were among a group of protesters who interrupted a talk at a downtown Portland hotel.

Global corporate minimum tax moving forward, with or without U.S.

The tax will be levied on companies with revenues of over $750 million, and it's expected to generate $150 billion per year in revenue.

Massive strike in France opposes pension changes

Eight major unions took part in the strike, which shut down schools and trains nationwide and curtailed production at oil refineries.

Massive strike planned for Feb. 1 across the United Kingdom

While inflation runs rampant, employers are offering "raises" that amount to pay cuts. Sound familiar?

Sweatshop protest comes to Adidas

Led by Kalpona Akter, president of the Bangladeshi Garment and Industrial Worker Federation, about half the participants were from Machinists Lodge 1005.

Worker uprising at Foxconn in China

Workers at the massive Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China were barred from leaving dorms in the locked down facility.

The world’s worst countries for workers

The latest International Trade Union Confederation report shows an increase in workers rights violations in recent years.

Chinese crew freed from ship docked at Longview

An international union federation and the U.S. Coast Guard helped 12 Chinese crew members leave a ship they'd been on for 14 months.

Unions, and members, step up to support Ukraine

Unions in Poland, Slovakia and other countries sent members and trucks to pick up refugees. Members in the U.S. are donating to relief.

Employer-dominated union ousted at Mexican GM plant

An independent union won a landslide victory at a General Motors plant in central Mexico, a breakthrough for efforts to free Mexican workers.

Factory owner hires hit man in plot to take out union representative

CAN'T MAKE THIS UP: The owner worried that the union activist would destroy the “family spirit” at the company.

U.S. starts first-ever CAFTA enforcement action against Guatemala for labor rights

The UN has documented 30 assassinations of union members in Guatemala since 2008

Hunger for justice

Hunger strikers demand GM take responsibility for injured workers in Colombia.