Union members at Franz Bakery support MLK day of service.


From left: Local 114 Assistant Business Agent Alejandro Ahumada; Business Agent Darren Hamann; Lansing; Matt Argiolas of Franz Bakery, and Brown. With them are Ahumada’s son Andreus and Andreus’ brother Alex.

Members of Bakers Local 114 supported Franz Bakery at United Way’s Potluck in the Park event Jan. 14, part of the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service. The Franz Bakery truck serves grilled cheese sandwiches. Potluck in the Park provides free meals at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland throughout the year to those without homes or food. The MLK Day of Service was a first-time event for Franz.

Local 114 Secretary Treasurer Terry Lansing worked with the company, Eryn Byram, executive director of Labor’s Community Service Agency, and Hosheman Brown of United Way Columbia Willamette to make it happen.

Local 114 represents workers at Franz, and Lansing sits on the board of directors of Labor’s Community Service Agency, as does Brown.


  1. How about an article about how approximately 84 retired local 114 union members lost their health insurance! You work so hard and long and give up so much family time so you’ll have a secure pension, which in my eyes included my health care. Not one person ever said that you could possibly lose that aspect of our pension.They’ll contribute $300 a month oh boy are you kidding me? I knew years ago what my policy was worth while I was working, so I knew why having it be PART of my pension was so valuable, therefor making it worth my while to stick it out. Now I pay $715 a month with a $6500 DEDUCTABLE!!!


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