Bakers Local 114

Union-busting bakery accused of wage theft in class-action lawsuit

Portland Specialty Bakery, which makes baked goods for Starbucks, is accused of wage and hour and sick leave violations.

Bakers Local 114 closes Wells Fargo account for its link to an anti-union group

For business leaders, actions sometimes have consequences.

Retired Bakers union member walks to defeat melanoma

Melanoma survivor Robin Zimmerman lost his wife in 2008 after a four year battle with the disease.

Union campaign crushed at Portland Specialty Baking

In three weeks, union support went from 61 percent to 23 percent. Here's what happened.

Portland Specialty Baking vote results

Workers at Portland Specialty Baking voted yesterday on whether to unionize with Bakers Local 114. The result: 123 no to 38 yes. That's despite...

Workers at Portland Specialty Baking ready for union vote

Taken totally by surprise, company wages an intense — and formulaic — anti-union campaign.

Bakers demand union recognition

At an industrial bakery in Gresham, low-wage workers want a union.

BCTGM International taps Bakers Local 114 rep Shad Clark

Darren Hamann will replace Clark at Local 114

Bakers Local 114 re-elects Terry Lansing

Lansing, 63, has served as financial secretary-treasurer since 2005

Oregon Historical Society exhibit features first black-owned bakery

Hurtis Hadley is a retired member of Bakers Local 114

Unions see results in 2013 legislative session

Lawmakers barred public union-busting, closed prevailing wage loophole, funded infrastructure

Bakers Union member helps pass Oregon bereavement leave law

After his wife's death, Robin Zimmerman campaigned in the Capitol to pass unpaid bereavement leave.

Bakers Union organizing video lottery delis one at a time

"Lottery delis" rake it in with video poker, but pay minimum wage with no benefits

Lansing tapped to international Bakers Union executive board

Lansing, 62, is the first from Local 114 to serve the union’s national Executive Board

Nonunion Dave’s Killer Bread contracts with union baker

A union campaign has failed to rise thus far at the fast-growing company.

Firings lead to union effort at Dave’s Killer Bread

Workers say rapid expansion is changing the character of the family-run business.

Oregon AFL-CIO 52nd Convention

At a time when labor is under attack, delegates put aside differences to declare “We are one”

Unions raise $15,995 for MDA

Union members collected $15,995 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at the 22nd annual Labor Bowl Challenge.

Bill proposes ‘bereavement’ be added to Family Leave Act

A member of Bakers Union Local 114 is behind a bill in the Oregon Legislature.