Oregon labor is still strike ready

This is our time to push back on the rigged economic system and win what’s ours from the wealth our labor creates.

In 2024 it’s still better in a union

The labor movement will never stop fighting to unrig the rules of the economy and welcome any worker dreaming of a better life.

The year 2023 in review

In 2023, workers fought and won.

Closing out 2023 with a UAW bump

Over 46 days this fall, the world watched as nearly 150,000 autoworkers did something that had never been done before.

PPS teacher strike: a difficult ballet

The onus for this crisis, which will soon spread, lies squarely with legislators who determine a state budget every two years.

Student workers are making history

Recent campaigns at University of Oregon and Reed College show us that young people are hungry to make change.

UAW back to the head of the class

If the union movement is having a “moment,” the re-emergence of the United Auto Workers (UAW) is a big part of it.

Leaving Bend united and hopeful

This year’s convention could not have come at a more opportune time for labor to strategize about how to harness the moment we’re in.

88% – A Number to Inspire and Harness

Among young people, approval of labor unions is at 88%. And support for strikes is at 90%.

The Fines don’t cross picket lines

Honoring a picket line is an instinctual recognition that workers waving signs outside their place of employment deserved public support.

The arc of the labor movement lands in Canby

Our Labor Day Picnic is back, and this time, at a public, not private, property: the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby.

A betrayal of Oregon workers

Over the last few years Oregon has led the nation with the most legislative walkouts and the second-longest walkout in American history.

Solidarity is our lifeblood

This is proving to be one of the most consequential summers of labor action, with hundreds of thousands on strike or near striking.

They will never stop us striking

The U.S. Supreme Court showed its true anti-union colors yet again in their wrong-headed ruling on Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters Local 174.

Bring back wage boards

Wage boards — created by state or local governments — recommend minimum standards for wages, benefits, working conditions, and training.

Discord in Concord: Erasing ‘The Rebel Girl’

New Hampshire is removing a historical marker honoring labor heroine Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. As erasure of labor's story, it fits a pattern.

The Movement to Meet the Moment

More workers are turning to labor than at any point in recent memory. It’s going to require us to be strategic about how we build power. 

Save Our VA

Why VA hospital workers and patients oppose privatization .

Taking the temperature on our times

There are signs that change is coming. Fully 71% of Americans support unions. And voters see that inequality devastates our communities.

Should Multnomah County residents approve a capital gains tax to fund tenant representation?

We asked representatives of both the pro- and anti-campaigns to give us their best arguments as to how union households should vote.