Teamsters declare boycott of Coors


The Teamsters union is calling on consumers nationwide to boycott Molson Coors products until the company agrees to a fair union contract for the workers who brew and package its beers.

About 420 members of Teamsters Local 997 at the Coors brewery in Fort Worth, Texas, have been on strike since Feb. 17 seeking fair raises. The brewery continues to produce beer with scab labor.

Despite six years of profit growth and a recent $2 billion stock buyback, Molson Coors has refused to raise wages more than $1.04 an hour. In February, competitor Anheuser-Busch agreed to raises of $4 per hour and total increases of $8 over five years for Teamsters.

The Fort Worth brewery produces for the entire Western region. Brands subject to boycott include Coors, Foster’s, Icehouse, Keystone Light, Leinenkugel, Miller, Milwaukee’s Best, and Yuengling, as well as and Topo Chico hard seltzer.


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