Buying Union

Is that what they call the Portland Spirit?

A riverboat owner’s rant against recent pro-worker laws turns away a union convention host.

Staples boycott ends with union win

The National Labor Relations Board ordered the US Postal Service to stop privatizing union members' work.

How to buy union this holiday season

Buying union means voting with your dollars for enterprises that pay your fellow workers a living wage with benefits.

Washington farmworkers union ends boycott of Driscolls, Sakuma

Sakuma Brothers agreed to recognize and bargain with a farmworkers union.

How to fly union

Seven airlines account for 80% of miles flown. Want to guess which ones are union?

Bakers Local 114 closes Wells Fargo account for its link to an anti-union group

For business leaders, actions sometimes have consequences.

Laid-off Nabisco workers travel the country to boycott Mexican-made Oreos

In Portland, a laid-off Chicago worker delivers a message: The fight is bigger than Mondelēz

Laid-off Nabisco workers push Mexican Oreo boycott

Boycott education teams of laid-off workers will travel the country starting in the Chicago area.

Farmworker unions spread word about boycott of Driscoll’s

Unions in Washington and Baja Mexico make common cause

How to buy union this holiday season

Is union-made the ultimate hard-to-find gift? Maybe, but we've come up with a few ideas.

Furor over Mexican Oreos, but no union boycott

Stop eating Oreo cookies? Not so fast, says the Bakers Union.

How to tell if your Oreo Is union-made

An inkstamp on each package tells you where it was made — if you know what to look for.

Portland extends Do-Not-Buy Walmart policy

Ordinance faults Walmart for labor practices, market dominance and tax avoidance

A quest to find Union Beer

It’s not easy to ID union-made beer. There’s no union label, and little accurate, up-to-date info.

Raise a cup to Solidarity: New beer will take its name from a local union

A Bend, Oregon, brewer wants to show appreciation for Insulators Local 36

Nonunion Dave’s Killer Bread contracts with union baker

A union campaign has failed to rise thus far at the fast-growing company.

Union label: The ultimate hard-to-find gift

Ten gift ideas for goods and services brought to you by local union members.

Fly the union-friendly skies, if you can find them

For airline industry workers, it’s been a wild ride.

This Halloween, give out union-made candy

It's possible to treat trick-or-treaters to products made by workers who have a voice on the job.

IBEW and United Workers Credit Union buys its building

The property covers 1.13 acres between Washington and Stark streets in Southeast Portland.