Oregon election results

The following state-level candidates and measures were endorsed by the Oregon AFL-CIO, unless another endorsement is listed


U.S. Senate: Shanti Lewallen ran as a candidate of the union-backed Oregon Working Families Party, in part to protest against incumbent U.S. Senator Ron Wyden for his votes in favor of NAFTA-style trade agreements. Those votes were also the reason Wyden didn’t get the Oregon AFL-CIO’s endorsement this year. No one expected Lewallen to win, but his 3 percent showing (56,153 votes) helps the party maintain its right to nominate and cross-nominate candidates. [Getting at least 1 percent in a statewide vote is one way minor parties can stay certified under Oregon law.]

Fourth Congressional District: Incumbent Congressman Peter Defazio — the only member of Congress to get the Oregon AFL-CIO’s endorsement this year — cruised to an easy 55-39 win in his fourth matchup against Republican challenger Art Robinson.



  • Measure 97which would have levied a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on corporate sales over $25 million, went down 59-40. Polls earlier this year showed strong majority support for the measure, but opponents of the measure — mostly large corporations headquartered out-of-state — turned that around with a $26 million ad blitz. It’s a big blow to public sector unions, which contributed over $16 million to support, including $5.2 million from Oregon Education Association; $3.5 million from SEIU Local 503; $1.5 million from Oregon AFSCME; and $500,000 from AFT-Oregon. FAILED
  • Measure 98 — which mandates funding increases for dropout-prevention, career technical education, and college readiness programs in Oregon high schools — was approved 65-34. PASSED




  • District 3: Tonia Moro (D) lost 50-49 to Alan DeBoer (R)
  • District 5: incumbent Arnie Roblan (D) won 48-47 against Dick Anderson (R)
  • District 21: Kathleen Taylor (D), facing no Republican challenger, coasted to an easy 77 percent win against Progressive James Ofsink and Libertarian Josh Howard.
  • District 25: incumbent Laurie Monnes Anderson (D) won with 55 percent of the vote.
  • District 27: Democrat Greg Delgado (endorsed by the Oregon Working Families Party), lost 39-60 against incumbent Tim Knopp (R)


  • District 1: Terry Brayer (endorsed by Oregon Working Families Party) LOST
  • District 5: Pam Marsh (D) WON
  • District 8: Paul Holvey (D) WON
  • District 10: David Gomberg (D) WON
  • District 11: Phil Barnhart (D) WON
  • District 13: Nancy Nathanson (D) WON
  • District 14: Julie Fahey (D) WON
  • District 16: Dan Rayfield (D) WON
  • District 18 (Silverton): Tom Kane (D) a PAT member, is challenging incumbent GOP Vic Gilliam (endorsed by Oregon Working Families Party) LOST
  • District 20: Paul Evans (D) WON
  • District 21: Brian Clem (D) WON
  • District 22: Teresa Alonso Leon (D), an SEIU member, is running to succeed Democrat Betty Komp  WON
  • District 23: Jim Thompson (I) LOST
  • District 24: Ken Moore (D) LOST
  • District 26: Ray Lister (D) a union rep at IBEW Local 48, is seeking an open seat currently held by the GOP LOST
  • District 27: Sheri Malstrom (D) an ONA member, unopposed to succeed Tobias Reed WON
  • District 28: Jeff Barker (endorsed by Oregon Working Families Party) WON
  • District 29: Susan McLain (D) WON
  • District 30: Janeen Sollman (D) WON
  • District 31: Brad Witt (D) WON
  • District 34: Ken Helm (D) WON
  • District 35: Margaret Doherty (D) WON
  • District 36: Jennifer Williamson (D) WON
  • District 37: Paul Southwick (D) LOST
  • District 38: Ann Lininger (D) WON
  • District 40: Mark Meek (D) WON
  • District 41: Karin Power (D) WON
  • District 42: Rob Nosse (D) WON
  • District 43: Tawana Sanchez (D) WON
  • District 44: Tina Kotek (D) WON
  • District 45: Barbara Smith Warner (D), unopposed WON
  • District 46: Alissa Keny-Guyer (D) unopposed WON
  • District 47: Diego Hernandez (D) WON
  • District 48: Jeff Reardon (D) WON
  • District 49: Chris Gorsek (D) unopposed WON
  • District 50: Carla Piluso (D) WON
  • District 51: Janelle Bynum (D) WON
  • District 52: Mark Reynolds (D) an OEA member, is challenging Hood River GOP incumbent Mark Johnson LOST
  • District 54: Gena Goodman-Campbell (D) LOST
  • District 57: Greg Smith (R), unopposed WON


The following regional, county, and local candidates and measures are endorsed by the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, unless another endorsement is listed. 



  • Commissioner: District 4: Amanda Schroeder LOST 53-44.
  • Commissioner: District 1: Sharon Meieran is endorsed by SEIU 49 & 503; UFCW 555; ONA, PAT, Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters, CWA 7901, Oregon Working Families Party. WON 67-31.  Eric Zimmerman is endorsed by Oregon AFSCME.
  • Measure 26-184, endorsed by NALC 82, IBT 206, CWA 7901,Oregon Working Families Party and supported by IBEW 48 PASSED 88-11.


  • County Chair: Jim Bernard WON 52-46, defeating incumbent John Ludlow.
  • Commissioner: Position 4: Ken Humberston WON 50-48, defeating Tootie Smith.
  • Measure 3-494: Clackamas Fire District, Annexation of Boring RFPD #59 boundaries into Clackamas Fire District #1 PASSED 79-20.







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