Oregon Working Families Party

How working people and unions fared in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature

Lawmakers passed paid family leave and boosted school budgets, but also cut public worker compensation and punted on climate.

Union coalition says it’s time to restore legal rights for workers and consumers

Companies are increasingly insisting that workers and consumers waive their legal rights through arbitration clauses.

Fair Work Week: Oregon will be the first state to curb schedule abuses

A new law will give retail, hospitality and food service workers predictable schedules — and extra pay when schedules change at the last minute.


Oregon Working Families Party state director Karly Edwards is leaving to work for the Oregon Nurses Association.

To counter big-money politics, Portland City Council votes for public campaign finance

Starting in 2020, the system will match small donors so candidates can focus on regular voters, not big donors.

Oregon election results

Here are the union-endorsed races in Oregon we're following on Election Night

Portland City Council passes fair scheduling resolution

The non-binding resolution encourages all Portland employers to review their scheduling practices.

Oregon Working Families Party challenges free-trader Ron Wyden

After losing thousands to Bernie supporters, the party won back enough registrants to keep its ballot line.

To stay afloat, Oregon Working Families Party needs more voters by August

The labor-backed political party gave up its own members to help Bernie Sanders’ revolution.

Bernie Sanders: “Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.”

Sanders said real change comes from below, like fast food workers who strike for $15 an hour.

Oregon Working Families Party: Minor party strives to be a major player in Oregon

Pro-labor candidates seek the party’s endorsement, and foes can face re-election challenges.

A landmark session, but Oregon labor wanted more

A big Democratic majority led to high expectations, but Oregon lawmakers balked at minimum wage and other labor priorities

Labor agenda advancing in Oregon Legislature

Sick leave, ban the box, and a retirement plan for all workers are heading to the governor's desk

Labor gets ready for an action-packed session of the Oregon Legislature

With strong Democratic majorities in the state house and senate, the mood is optimistic

Unions see results in 2013 legislative session

Lawmakers barred public union-busting, closed prevailing wage loophole, funded infrastructure

Unanimous City Council: Portland workers will have sick leave

How a labor and community alliance improved life for over 250,000 workers

Sick leave ordinance goes before Portland City Council

Commissioner Fritz takes lead on workers rights advance that would impact 2 in 5 Portland workers.

Union-backed coalition calls on Portland to require paid sick leave

A proposed ordinance could make the City a pioneer on human rights and public health

Movement swells to dump big banks

Parallel to Occupy Wall Street, a mass movement is gaining steam to close accounts in the big banks.

Oregon Legislative session 2011 a mixed bag for labor

Oregon lawmakers wrapped up the 2011 Legislative session June 30. If there was anything memorable in it for working people, it was that lawmakers finally cut corporate tax breaks down to size … except when they were giving out new ones. It was also the year that the Oregon Legislature gave state agencies a new aspirational goal: Lay off managers, not just front-line state employees. In a state with 9.6 percent unemployment, the closest lawmakers got to passing a jobs bill was a pilot project that will employ some workers on energy efficiency retrofits of public schools, or maybe the new law removing procedural roadblocks to pipelines and other “linear” construction projects.