Oregon AFL-CIO

Labor counts wins in May primary

Oregon labor organizations saw mostly wins among endorsed political campaigns in the May 21 primary, and a number had a union background.

Workers Memorial:  a solemn reminder

Every year, the national AFL-CIO produces a report on the state of worker safety and health in America, titled Death on the Job.

Together we rise

An new mural at the Oregon AFL-CIO headquarters is the work of a talented Local 1094 sign painter, Bob Hansen.

Labor-backed bills moving in short session

Oregon lawmakers are about halfway through the 2024 “short session,” a 35-day session often referred to as a legislative sprint.

Kaiser Permanente now on AFL-CIO “unfair” lists

With members of UFCW Local 555 on strike, the Oregon AFL-CIO and Northwest Oregon Labor Council have designated Kaiser as an unfair employer.


Staff changes at OPEIU Local 11, Oregon AFSCME, Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon Building Trades, and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley's office.

2023 Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Report

Over 210 delegates and 100 honorary delegates and guests assembled Sept. 21-23 in Bend for the state’s biggest labor gathering.

Referee for democracy

Larry Taylor is on a mission: training members on how to use the tools of democracy in their unions.

Union nurse appointed to number two spot in Oregon AFL-CIO

Sarina Roher is a Kaiser Permanente RN and executive secretary of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (OFNHP).

Lawmakers end Oregon’s lowest-in-nation OSHA penalties

A bill to toughen OSHA penalties is on its way to Governor Kotek’s desk after committee room drama and a failed GOP attempt to gut the bill. 

Local unions. Local politics.

Want to show union solidarity? Consider voting in school board races. Local elections affect communities and the workers that live there.

Bill says demolition is public work too

SB 594 would add demolition and hazardous waste removal to the requirement that prevailing wage be paid on public construction projects. 

Lawmakers must center workers

Oregon workers are geared up to make real progress during this year's in-person legislative session, which kicked off on January 17.

2023: New Year, New Worker Protections

Several key laws championed by the Oregon labor movement went into effect this month, affirming Oregon's reputation of being "Union Strong."

Labor commisioner picks deputy straight out of the house of labor

Oregon AFL-CIO political and legislative director Jessica Giannettino Villatoro will serve as deputy to incoming BOLI Commissioner Christina Stephenson.

New leader sworn in at Oregon AFL-CIO

Aida Aranda was unopposed for secretary-treasurer at the Dec. 8 meeting of the union federation’s Executive Board.

2022: The year of the worker?

This year has seen working people and their unions more central to the mainstream national narrative than in quite some time.

Never bet against the workers

The American labor movement was the difference-maker in countless races and our nation, and democracy, will be better off for it.

Kotek embraces labor support in final election push

Tina Kotek has appeared at union meetings and alongside numerous labor allies in the days leading up to the election.

The road to a pro-worker future

Here's why the 2022 General Election is perhaps the most consequential for working people in recent memory.