AFL-CIO targets Democratic Fast Track supporters in the House


Sold OutIn late August, certain union members  got something in the mail from the national AFL-CIO, and it didn’t mince words: “Your representative Voted to Destroy American Jobs,” said the double-sided mailer. “Don’t Take It. Take Action.”

The mailing went out to members of AFL-CIO-affiliated unions in 28 Congressional districts nationwide — districts of all House Democrats who voted for Fast Track. Fast Track is a law that makes it easier for Congress to pass future NAFTA-style trade deals like the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Click to see flier

In Oregon, members in the districts of Earl Blumenauer, Suzanne Bonamici, and Kurt Schrader received the mailing. Each contained an image of the officeholder, next to the words, “Sold Out.”

The mailing calls on unionists to return a postage-paid postcard. “I supported you in the past, but if you won’t look out for my job, I won’t look out for yours,” it says.

“The mailing is meant to hold members of Congress accountable, making sure voters remember their past votes,” explains national AFL-CIO press secretary Carolyn Bobb.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives must run for office every two years. They’ll next face voters in November 2016.



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