Fast Track

July 1, the day ‘Free trade’ died 

ITC says 40 years of trade deals didn’t help much. Our assessment: They accelerated the loss of American manufacturing.  

Trump’s new NAFTA: Is America’s trade policy at a crossroads?

When Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer learned he’d be the new chair of a House trade subcommittee, the first call he made was to Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain.

The return of Kurt Schrader

After his Fast Track vote, the Oregon Congressman visits the House of Labor

AFL-CIO targets Democratic Fast Track supporters in the House

Late August mailing went to union members in 28 Congressional districts.

Hard feelings linger after Fast Track vote

Labor is in no mood to pal around with Democrats who voted for it.

Fast-tracking trade deals signed into law

A week after unions celebrated a setback for Fast Track, the seeming victory came unzipped.

Free trade — a litmus test for labor

Labor’s endorsements and political contributions aren’t a right. They’re an honor.

Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader calls AFL-CIO president a ‘bully’

The AFL-CIO has begun campaigning against Democrats who support Fast Track.

Senate passes Fast Track

If House follows, NAFTA-style deals like TPP would proliferate.

Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership: Meet the ‘partners’

Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei are human rights violators where workers lack basic rights.

FAST TRACK: How Northwest Senators voted

Wyden faces re-election in 2016. CEOs will remember his role passing Fast Track. Will you?

Congress, listen up: Most of your constituents oppose fast track

It's time to call a halt after two decades of jobs being America’s largest export.

Wyden trying to pull a fast one on fast track

A fast track bill to pave the way for new NAFTAs passes two Congressional committee

Avakian urges Congress to nix TPP trade deal

Panel at AFL-CIO-sponsored event says fast track trade deal is a power grab by large corporations

Labor ramps up fight against free trade deal

AFL-CIO is freezing all political contributions while the fast track debate is on.

Trade deals that work for workers

For decades, the benefits of trade deals haven’t trickled down to working families.

Fast track fight begins

AFL-CIO launches fight against "NAFTA on steroids"

Bakers Union organizing video lottery delis one at a time

"Lottery delis" rake it in with video poker, but pay minimum wage with no benefits