Trans-Pacific Partnership


Obama ignored labor on trade and healthcare, and pro-worker reforms came mostly too late.

Rank-and-file union members: “It’s up to you and me, STOP the TPP”

Farmers markets are free trade. Corporate trade deals like the TPP, not so much.

Fast Track Democrats won’t be on stage at Labor Day picnic

The annual picnic sponsored by the NW Oregon Labor Council attracts nearly 18,000 people.

What’s next for TPP? A stealth vote?

To promote TPP, Nike sponsors a visit to Portland by U.S. ambassadors to Brunei and Malaysia.

Congresswoman Bonamici still undecided on TPP

Bonamici told the NW Oregon Labor Council Feb. 22 she’s still reviewing the 2,000-page document.

Free trader Kurt Schrader meets local labor about TPP

Schrader says it's foolish for labor to target fast track Democrats.

Laid-off Oregon union millwright goes to D.C.

Steve Phillips of AWPPW – Rep. DeFazio’s guest at State of the Union – didn’t like what he heard.

Eugene City Council votes to oppose Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

The vote follows a campaign by Oregon Strong Voice Lane County, a project of the Oregon AFL-CIO.

Union retirees speak against proposed TPP trade deal

In Oregon, U.S Sen. Jeff Merkley and U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio say they will oppose the TPP.

Obama releases text of his Pacific trade deal

The veil is off the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and it’s not pretty.

Senator Jeff Merkley won’t be voting for the Trans-Pacific deal

Why? Because trade deficits have risen after virtually every trade agreement.

Obama signs TPP

The 12-nation pact would favor the rights of investors over workers

Free trade fracas: The presidential politics of TPP

Even Hillary Clinton, who once called TPP "the gold standard" deal, now says she opposes it.

Plumbers to politicians: Which side are you on?

Local 290 won't endorse any politician who votes for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Why I’m skeptical of the new TPP deal

President Obama: Put your cards on the table and let the people see what you’ve gotten us into.

AFL-CIO targets Democratic Fast Track supporters in the House

Late August mailing went to union members in 28 Congressional districts.

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks stall

To further TPP, Obama administration lets Malaysia off the hook for human trafficking

Fast-tracking trade deals signed into law

A week after unions celebrated a setback for Fast Track, the seeming victory came unzipped.

Free trade — a litmus test for labor

Labor’s endorsements and political contributions aren’t a right. They’re an honor.

Senate passes Fast Track

If House follows, NAFTA-style deals like TPP would proliferate.