Oregon Legislature

Fair Work Week: Oregon will be the first state to curb schedule abuses

A new law will give retail, hospitality and food service workers predictable schedules — and extra pay when schedules change at the last minute.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda in the final stretch

So much to do. And just three weeks to go.

Investing in transportation will benefit working people

To tackle potholes and congestion, Oregon Legislature needs to hear from union members about a proposed $8.2 billion transportation package.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda inches forward

Will the Oregon Legislature ban anti-union ‘right-to-work’ ordinances?

It’s time for rent stabilization. Support House Bill 2004

Oregon’s low inventory of housing has given landlords an unbridled opportunity to reap large profits at the expense of working people.

At the Oregon Legislature: A Robust Labor Agenda

Labor muscle helped elect many of Oregon’s legislators. Now Oregon unions are mobilizing behind an agenda of fair taxes, good jobs, and expanded protections for workers rights. Here are some recent highlights.

Oregon labor gearing up for high-stakes legislative session

Labor will push for transportation funding and family leave and fair workweek laws, while grappling with a $1.7 billion budget shortfall.

A union electrician runs for the Oregon legislature

5 Questions for Oregon House Candidate Ray Lister.

Are Oregon Democrats backtracking already on the minimum wage?

Several leaders in the Oregon House and Senate say they'll consider a lower training or youth wage.

Oregon’s ‘incredible’ crackdown on wage theft

Oregon legislators passed a law that will make wage thieves tremble.

Historic gains in 2016 Legislative session

Top issue was minimum wage, but Oregon lawmakers made progress on other fronts as well.

Oregon set to have nation’s highest minimum wage

The seven annual wage hikes start with a 25 or 50 cent rise this July 1.

Oregon minimum wage raise speeding to passage

The bill would raise wages by 2022 to $14.75, $13.50, and $12.50 in different parts of the state.

Jail time for wage thieves?

Will Oregon legislators get tough on wage theft? Not this year. Not really.

Oregon Legislature: A lot at stake for working people

Lawmakers debate minimum wage, wage theft, UI for locked-out workers, and affordable housing.

Legislature ends with mixed reviews

Victories for low-wage workers, but no minimum wage raise — Oregon’s Senate was an obstacle

A landmark session, but Oregon labor wanted more

A big Democratic majority led to high expectations, but Oregon lawmakers balked at minimum wage and other labor priorities

Oregon labor’s legislative agenda still in the air

With six weeks left in 2015 session, Oregon Legislature enters the season of deal-cutting.

Unions join rally for $15 minimum wage

Democrats who control the Oregon Legislature will consider several bills to raise the minimum wage

Legislative committee assignments improve Oregon labor chances in 2015

Paul Holvey will head House Labor, and Michael Dembrow will chair a new Workforce Committee