Oregon Legislature

Unionist seeking House seat falls short

Multnomah County Commission appointed Andrea Valderrama as state rep for HD 47, passing over former union president Adrienne Enghouse.

ATU fights to save apprenticeship, and win back the right to strike

SB 690, a bill introduced by Oregon State Senator Chris Gorsek, would restore the right to strike for public transit workers like bus drivers.

Oregon Justice Department says legislative workers can’t unionize

Legislative aides don’t have the right to unionize after all, says Oregon's Attorney General in objections on behalf of the Legislature.

Labor prepares 2021 state legislative agendas

The union movement will be pushing fairly modest proposals when state legislatures meet in Salem and Olympia in 2021.

Oregon legislative staffers unionize with IBEW 89

It's the first union of legislative staff in the country. The 110 employees work for both Democratic and Republican legislators.

A union for Oregon legislative staff?

Oregon legislative aides are seeking to unionize with IBEW Local 89 in what could be the first union of legislative staff in the nation.

Telling labor’s story to lawmakers

For a day, there were more union construction workers than legislators in the State Capitol building.

Lawmaking season in Oregon and Washington

Oregon and Washington lawmakers have begun their 2020 "short" sessions. Thought timelines are short, labor is still calling on lawmakers to deliver.

How working people and unions fared in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature

Lawmakers passed paid family leave and boosted school budgets, but also cut public worker compensation and punted on climate.

We must not forget Oregon Democrats’ betrayal on PERS

Organized labor should hold accountable those who side with a corporate capitalist agenda at the expense of workers.

Oregon lawmakers vote to cut public employee retirement contributions

Democrats led the charge to divert up to 2.5 percent of public worker pay to shore up PERS.

New Oregon law bars massive rent increases

Landlords can no longer raise rent more than 7 percent plus inflation.

What’s at stake for working people in the 2019 Oregon Legislature

Majority Democrats have some big agenda items in the 2019 Oregon Legislature, including a carbon cap, renters rights, and revenue reform.

A night of wins for working people

Around the nation and in Oregon and Washington, union political efforts bore fruit on election night.

Oregon’s 2018 Legislative Session: Small gains, big misses

This year, like almost every year, the most important bills that might have benefited working people died in the majority-Democratic Oregon Senate.

How union members could take charge of Democratic and Republican parties

Precinct Committee People play big roles behind the scenes, yet hardly anyone wants to be one.

Audacious bills. Short timeline. And a big ‘if.’

In the Oregon Legislature's “short” session starting Feb. 5, state lawmakers could pass affordable housing, paid family leave, and a “cap-and-invest” system to limit greenhouse gases.

Oregon climate response: Cap and invest?

Big carbon emitters would get market incentives to convert.

Oregon AFL-CIO scorecard for the 2017 Oregon Legislature

Every year, the Oregon AFL-CIO advocates in the state legislature on behalf of workers  — and reports on which lawmakers are friends where it counts.

Labor highlights from the 2017 Oregon Legislature

Lawmakers passed landmark labor laws, but dropped the ball on tax fairness and housing.