Oregon Legislature

A labor look at the 2024 Oregon Legislature 

Organized labor notched several legislative wins in the five-week “short session” of the Oregon Legislature that ended March 7.

Labor-backed bills moving in short session

Oregon lawmakers are about halfway through the 2024 “short session,” a 35-day session often referred to as a legislative sprint.

PPS teacher strike: a difficult ballet

The onus for this crisis, which will soon spread, lies squarely with legislators who determine a state budget every two years.

Oregon Legislative workers get first union contract

The bargaining unit covers all legislative assistants supporting elected officials in the Oregon Legislature, between 90 and 180 workers.

Labor looks back on mostly wins in 2023 Oregon legislative session

Despite a six-week walkout by Senate Republicans, Oregon labor tallied a respectable number of wins in the 2023 legislative session.

When collective begging turned to collective bargaining

The union rights Oregon public employees have today were won because workers struck in the lead up to a landmark bill in 1973.

Labor legislator Paul Holvey faces recall backed by UFCW Local 555

The effort comes after Holvey stymied UFCW's priority legislation, a bill to require cannabis companies to sign labor peace agreements.

Lawmakers end Oregon’s lowest-in-nation OSHA penalties

A bill to toughen OSHA penalties is on its way to Governor Kotek’s desk after committee room drama and a failed GOP attempt to gut the bill. 

Labor-backed bills moving forward in the Oregon Legislature

A number of labor-backed bills in the Oregon Legislature have good chances of becoming law, including one to increase Oregon OSHA’s fines.

Labor to lawmakers: Workers’ lives matter

Oregon OSHA has the lowest fines in the nation: The average for a fatal accident is $1,077. Oregon labor wants that to change.

Taking a pro-worker agenda to our state capitols

Lawmakers in Oregon and Washington have big plans to help working people in this year's legislative sessions.

Oregon Legislature passes pro-worker laws in short session

Highlights include overtime protections for farm and bakery workers, $600 checks to essential workers, and $200 million for apprenticeships.

Oregon House debates farmworker overtime

Oregon agricultural workers could join the rest of the workforce in receiving overtime pay under a proposal in the legislature.

Oregon bill would end last-minute overtime in bakeries

Workers at the Nabisco Portland bakery currently face discipline for refusing to work extra shifts, even when notified at the last minute.

An early look at Oregon labor’s 2022 legislative agenda

The Oregon Legislature’s “short session” begins Feb. 1 and ends by March 10. As ever, Oregon labor will promote a set of pro-worker bills.

How working people and unions fared in the 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature

This year as always, Oregon labor unions asked lawmakers to make life better for working people in big and small ways.

Oregon legislative aides become first in nation to unionize

Oregon’s Democratic and Republican state legislators may not agree on much, but their staff agree on something big: They want a union.

Union vote set for Oregon legislative aides

Ballots will be counted May 28 to determine if a group of 180 legislative assistants who work for individual Oregon lawmakers want a union.

Staff at the Oregon Legislature can unionize, Board rules

Plans can now go forward for a union election among roughly 180 legislative assistants who work for individual Oregon lawmakers.

Oregon labor legislation update

Union-backed bills to give sick leave to construction workers and set the prevailing wage at the union rate have passed at least one chamber.