Operating Engineers Local 701

Raising funds for kids with cancer

A union-sponsored St. Patrick’s Day party will net over $25,000 for Children’s Cancer Association this year once expenses are tallied.

Trades workers ratify contract at Home Forward

The three-year contract covers 56 trades workers. It raises starting pay $9 an hour on average and adds new safety provisions. 

Jacked Co: Unfair. And quite likely unsafe.

Picketing outside a construction work site Dec. 11, Local 701 staff saw first-hand that a non-union crane operator treats workers poorly.

Corvallis landfill strike now in its second month

Picketing outside the privately owned Coffin Butte landfill, they’re in a fight against a $13.5 billion a year Goliath.

River dredgers ratify contract with Port of Portland

Wages will range from $44.41 to $52.36 an hour under the new four-year contract with Operating Engineers Local 701.

Corvallis landfill mechanics: We’re done with company stonewalling

Republic Services, which operates the Coffin Butte landfill, cancels bargaining at the last minute and gave non-union workers a raise.

Eugene bans natural gas in new house construction

Building trades union officials from UA Local 290 and Operating Engineers Local 701 were among those testifying against the ordinance.

At Local 701, a vote of confidence from members

Operating Engineers Local 701 business manager Jim Anderson ran unopposed for re-election this year, the second time in a row.

From workers to business owners, but union all the way

They spent years working on pipelines. Now they deploy water trucks to wind and solar farms and areas with wildfires.

Portland Nabisco maintenance workers get raises

Machinists, electricians and operating engineers at the Mondelez-Nabisco bakery in Portland have new contract agreements.

Amazon shuts out union workers in Woodburn

Local building trade unions have been picketing the colossal construction site to protest out-of-state contractors and subpar wages.

Local 701 returns to live meetings

Headquartered in Gladstone, Local 701 brings together 3,600 crane and heavy equipment operators and stationary engineers.

Kaiser Permanente strike called off

The massive strike was averted when management dropped its anti-union two tier demand and agreed to raise wages 10% over the next four years.

Operating Engineers recruit at the rodeo 

Operating Engineers Local 701 became a sponsor of the Canby Rodeo this year, and set up its popular mobile simulator at the fair.

Maybe shoulda Googled ‘rat contractor’?

Crestline, a heavy civil general contractor headquartered in The Dalles, doesn’t have a state-approved apprenticeship program.

New NLRB acting attorney backs off lawsuit against Scabby the Rat

The previous general counsel, a management-side labor lawyer appointed by Trump, tried to muzzle Scabby the Rat as soon as he took office.

City of Portland union coalition has new leadership

DCTU—a coalition of six unions—negotiates a collective bargaining agreement that covers about 1,100 City of Portland employees in all.

What’s Portland Public Schools hiding? Possibly wage theft?

Construction union reps say the district delays, redacts, and charges exorbitantly for public records they need for wage theft investigations.

Local unions coordinate food distribution for workers idled by the COVID recession

Some union locals are experiencing 100% unemployment but the food boxes are available to anyone in need, union or not.

Union card gets $1 off beer

Paddy's, Produce Row, Cadillac and three others owned by Portland restaurateur Josh Johnston are offering a discount to patrons who show their union card.