Local unions coordinate food distribution for workers idled by the COVID recession

The “Workers Helping Workers” campaign has distributed its 3,000th box of food. The effort by local labor organizations, has held three food distributions since June. The most recent was Aug. 15 at Operating Engineers Local 701’s hall in Gladstone.

At each event, 1,000 boxes of food were distributed to workers who have seen their hours cut, their jobs furloughed or ended, or have experienced increased medical bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The food, hospitality, and entertainment industries have been particularly hard hit, with some union locals experiencing 100% unemployment. However, the food boxes—which contained canned goods, bread, and fresh fruits and vegetables— were available to anyone in need, union or not.

More than 30 unions and labor councils have contributed financially and with volunteers, who sort food, box it, and hand it out.

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