Donald Trump

Four years of Trump: The record speaks for itself

He pledged to rewrite NAFTA, invest $1 trillion in infrastructure, and slash taxes for the rich. Now there's a 4-year record to judge him by.

AFL-CIO endorses Trump’s revised re-write of NAFTA trade treaty

For the first time in a generation, NAFTA is getting a re-write, and even America’s premier trade union federation has endorsed the final draft.

Trump names Eugene Scalia as his pick for new Labor Secretary

AFL-CIO blasts the choice — a former WalMart lawyer and son of union nemesis Antonin Scalia.

Trump’s new NAFTA: Is America’s trade policy at a crossroads?

When Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer learned he’d be the new chair of a House trade subcommittee, the first call he made was to Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain.

Trump appointee wants to ban Scabby the Rat

Standing 25 feet tall, with scary red eyes and yellow fangs, Scabby the Rat is a union hero and an eye-catching sign of a labor dispute.

Shutting down the shutdown

In the end, it was action by aviation workers that led Trump to end the shutdown.

THE REST OF THE STORY: A look back at some of the stories we reported in 2018 … and what happened afterward

Updates on the union campaigns at Precision Castparts, New Seasons, and Reed College, plus President Trump's "infrastructure Neverland"

Trump to appeal ruling striking down anti-union executive orders

The executive orders are aimed at weakening federal employee union representation and making it easier to fire federal employees.

Trump denounces America’s top labor leader … on Labor Day

The tweet was in reaction to an appearance on Fox News Sunday by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

An end to NAFTA?

A new two-nation trade deal with Mexico could take the place of the three-nation agreement known as NAFTA.

Trump Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh has a long history of anti-worker rulings

The DC Appeals court judge is known in Washington as a highly partisan judicial figure with a history of one-sided rulings in favor of corporations.

Trump moves to slash federal workers’ union rights

New executive orders speed the firing of federal workers, slash the use of paid union time to defend them, and mandate the renegotiation of union contracts.

Unions denounce move by Congress to privatize Veterans Administration

Just before Memorial Day, Congress passed a law that could lead to closure of veterans hospitals and send more veterans to private doctors for care.

AFL-CIO applauds Trump for imposing tariffs on foreign steel, aluminum

The tariffs take effect March 23.

Trump’s amazing infrastructure ‘bait-and-switch’

“Trillion” was just a marketing slogan. Now Trump wants to sell Bonneville Power assets.

President Trump: Year 1

It’s not what presidents say or fail to say that matters most; it’s what they do or fail to do. 

Trump Administration comes out for ‘right-to-work’ in public sector

The Justice Department filed amicus briefs in looming Supreme Court case Janus v AFSCME.

Trickle-down Trump

President Trump’s tax cut proposal is a continuation of President Reagan’s failed tax plan, or “Trickle Down Economics.”

U.S. Senate confirms Trump nominees to the NLRB

The federal agency that protects workers’ right to form a union may now be about to reverse years of progress.

Trumka says hope of working with Trump has faded

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at first hoped labor leaders could find common ground with Trump.