Donald Trump

Trump does NAFTA

Despite what Trump says, NAFTA is not a failed trade agreement. Written by and for the benefit of corporate elites, it's a resounding success — for them.

Six questions for organized labor’s top NAFTA expert

Twenty-three years after NAFTA became law, Trump wants to renegotiate it. Round 1 of talks ended Aug. 20. To find out more, we spoke with the AFL-CIO’s top trade policy expert.

Public education is under attack, but the public is coming to its defense

AFT president Randi Weingarten says Trump and DeVos have galvanized public support for public education as never before.

TRUMP 100 DAYS: What’s his labor record so far?

Have Trump’s acts in office lived up to his pledge to put the American worker first?

Trump Labor nominee confirmed

Alex Acosta was sworn in April 28, the day after a 60-38 confirmation vote in the Senate.

Six questions for labor’s top workplace safety expert

Peg Seminario, the AFL-CIO’s director of occupational safety and health, is a nationally recognized expert on worker safety.

Big Day for Billionaires

The Trump inauguration means a billionaire in the White House and cabinet spots for five more.

Bait and switch: Trump’s Carrier deal

The man who put his byline on the Art of the Deal pulls a fast one in Indiana as tough talk turns to tax giveaways.