Monthly Archives: January, 2023

Union membership continues fall as percentage of U.S. workforce

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 10.1% of U.S. workers were union members in 2022, the lowest level on record.

Proposed $10 billion hydrogen project commits to use union labor

Oregon and Washington building trades councils are backing plans by Obsidian Renewables to produce, store and transport hydrogen in the Pacific Northwest.

Office workers at City of Portland launch new union

The City of Portland Professional Workers Union would represent about 870 workers, the last big group of City employees who are not yet unionized.

Back in charge, House Republicans cut ‘labor’ from committee name

In her opening salvo on the House floor, the committee chair made her hostility to the word labor and to unions crystal clear.

GOP House strips union rights from staff

The anti-union language was included in the first bill to pass the newly Republican-led chamber during the 118th Congress.

Massive strike planned for Feb. 1 across the United Kingdom

While inflation runs rampant, employers are offering "raises" that amount to pay cuts. Sound familiar?

Iron workers lock in union at Raimore Construction

In construction, when contractors sign on to the union, that means they can ‘unsign’ later. But not if workers have a say.

Sixth New Seasons store goes union

Workers at the Arbor Lodge grocery store in North Portland voted 71-23 to join the independent union, and another election is later this month.

Workers voted in a union at Afuri Ramen. Potbelly could be next.

The unanimous vote marks the first win for Restaurant Workers of Portland, which launched along with the Afuri campaign.

Cinema workers: strike first, union later

After a six-day strike, workers filed a National Labor Relations Board petition, seeking to affiliate with the newly formed United Cinema Workers.

UC grad workers end historic strike with big wins

The strike won pay increases of over 25% for teaching assistants, tutors and researchers, and that’s inspiring grad workers elsewhere.

NLRB certifies Amazon Labor Union win

Amazon held up the certification for nine months through legal objections, but the NLRB has again dismissed Amazon's complaints.

Kotek names labor liaison

Bob Livingston, who spent the last 20 years at the Oregon State Fire Fighters Council, will serve as Kotek’s legislative director and labor liaison.

Oregon building trades leader will advise the Federal Reserve Bank

Robert Camarillo will be the only representative of labor on the council, serving along a group of mostly business executives.

PDX tells service contractors to increase PTO

More than 1,000 service workers at Portland International Airport will get a bump in their paid time off accrual this summer.

Sotomayor steps in as business manager at Laborers 483

The public sector LiUNA local is currently preparing for a strike at its biggest unit: the City of Portland.

Cottrill and Wimmer contend for NOLC top office

Executive secretary-treasurer, a full-time staff position, has been vacant since Thomas Mosher left in November.

Sheet metal strike ends, employer court date nears

Sheet Metal Local 16 says the strike brought attention to the company’s anti-union conduct and led to more regulatory scrutiny on the employer.

2023: New Year, New Worker Protections

Several key laws championed by the Oregon labor movement went into effect this month, affirming Oregon's reputation of being "Union Strong."

Presents from Partners: Union family and allies step up in support

Through collective action, LCSA was able to serve almost 200 families and 500 children during this year's Presents from Partners event.

Why have prices been rising so much?

And why is the Federal Reserve focused on holding down wages, when it’s prices that are driving inflation?

Rethinking the Dream

Rooted in Christian morality and a class-conscious awareness of power, King knew his dream could only be achieved with a change in the economic system.