Is OHSU trying to weasel out of promised raises?


AFSCME Local 328 members held several rallies over the summer during contract negotiations with OHSU management.

Just weeks after AFSCME Local 328 ratified a contract with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), management is violating the terms of the deal. That’s according to a Nov. 9 report from Local 328, which fielded numerous complaints from workers about improperly calculated raises.

The contract ratified in October provides a 7% across-the-board increase, effective the second full pay period after ratification. But when those raises kicked in, some workers found that their pay increased by less than 7%. Local 328 contacted OHSU’s labor relations department, assuming it was an error. In fact, the hospital responded, it was intentional.

“Frustratingly, OHSU is taking the position that if the contractual 7% raise would put an employee over the top of the range for their classification, they won’t receive the full amount of the raise we agreed to,” Local 328 told members.

Nowhere does the union contract say the 7% raise is contingent on other factors, like the worker’s classification. It was agreed to as an across-the-board increase. Local 328 has filed a grievance with OHSU and is demanding back pay for workers who were underpaid.

The Labor Press reached out to OHSU for comment. In a written statement, an OHSU spokesperson says it was an accident, and one the hospital is addressing.

“It has been brought to our attention that there was a misunderstanding in how to apply the across-the-board increases,” the statement says. “We are rapidly working to correct the issue and ensure all AFSCME-represented receive their correct increases, and will communicate back to affected employees when the situation is resolved. We apologize for this mistake.”

The contract provides additional 5% across-the-board raises in 2023 and 2024.


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