DCTU votes to authorize strike

Members of the District Council of Trade Unions, a six-union coalition of City of Portland workers, voted Oct. 19 to reject the City’s contract offer — and authorize the union bargaining team to call a strike at any time. Three quarters of the DCTU’s 1,000-plus members voted, and over 90 percent voted to authorize the strike, the DCTU reported.

The union coalition hasn’t yet declared an intent to strike, and under the law would have to give 10 days notice.

On Oct. 23, longtime City HR director Anna Kanwit announced her resignation. A day later, she attended a DCTU  bargaining session in person for the first time since bargaining began 10 months ago.

The two sides were scheduled for further mediation Oct. 30, with followup dates Nov. 1 and 3.

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