City of Portland

City of Portland fined for wrecking bar accident

The Aug. 11 workplace accident sent a metal bar through a City of Portland maintenance worker’s stomach.

Portland Bureau of Transportation could lay off 88

Union job cuts in the city's transportation bureau would mean more potholes and fewer streets plowed for snow.

Portland City Council approves new agreement with Fire Fighters Local 43

The contract covers almost 700 firefighters. In addition to regular cost of living adjustments, it increases pay 4.5% over four years.

Last big unit of City of Portland workers unionizes

A unit of 712 workers will be represented by City of Portland Professional Workers Union (CPPW) — thanks to a 306-68 vote tallied June 6.

Out of nowhere, Portland budgets for staff and service cuts

Mayor Ted Wheeler had second thoughts about his own budget proposal. City unions say his last-minute changes will lead to layoffs.

Portland police union reaches deal with city on bodycam policy

The deal resolves a conflict over when officers could review their own body cam footage, and came just days ahead of a legal deadline. 

City of Portland attorneys drop objections, let union election move forward

Nearly 700 workers are moving toward a vote on whether to unionize with City of Portland Professional Workers, a newly formed union. 

City of Portland attorneys want union election halted

The City of Portland says it respects the right to unionize. That must be why it’s trying to stop a union vote.

City workers win wage gains after 3-day strike

The wastewater treatment plant picket drew a police presence after unsubstantiated allegations by Portland mayor Ted Wheeler of picket line violence.

Portland City Laborers begin strike

Laborers Local 483 wants raises that keep up with inflation. City HR says no, and Mayor Wheeler prepares to hire scabs.

Portland recreation dispute near resolution

City of Portland HR tried to pull a fast one: A revised step scale in which no one would be paid at the top step.

Portland laborers closer to strike

Laborers Local 483 and the City are far apart on wage negotiations, meaning workers across three City bureaus could strike in early February.

City workers practice picketing as management continues to stall

In the month since the City of Portland pledged to present its wage proposal to Laborers Local 483, workers still haven’t received an offer.

Contract fight looms for City of Portland laborers

After seven months of bargaining, workers across three City of Portland bureaus have signaled they’re willing to strike.

Last minute deal averts strike at City of Portland

After the City of Portland improved its offer, workers voted to approve a new contract and call off the strike that was set to start Feb. 10.

Oh, the outrage! City Auditor investigates Portland firefighters washing their cars

On Jan. 6, Fire Chief Sara Boone declared on-the-job car washing to be unlawful, and ordered firefighters to cease and desist. 

City unions in Portland near the brink of a strike

Following drawn out and contentious union negotiations, City of Portland managers are now accused of interfering in strike votes.

City of Portland unions declare impasse

The unit of 1,180 city workers in the District Council of Trade Unions could strike as soon as Jan. 19, after bargaining since July 2020.

Construction unions say Portland’s proposed polluter tax is a bad idea

A business group says the $250 per ton tax on industrial enterprises that emit pollutants would unfairly target industry, and threaten jobs.

Unions and developers ally to stop BDS cuts

City of Portland building code enforcers, facing layoff, are getting some unexpected love from the construction industry.