United Auto Workers

Strike Stories

2023 was the biggest strike year in decades. We asked readers who struck last year to tell what it was like.

Biden goes to Belvidere

Wearing a red UAW Local 1268 T-shirt, Joe Biden celebrated UAW's massive strike victory Nov. 9 with a crowd of UAW members in Illinois.

UAW wins ‘stunning’ victory at Big Three

One by one, the three auto companies settled record-setting contracts with United Auto Workers, ending a 46-day strike that began Sept. 15.

UAW back to the head of the class

If the union movement is having a “moment,” the re-emergence of the United Auto Workers (UAW) is a big part of it.

UAW strikes the Big Three automakers all at once

With automakers making record profits, the union says it’s time that the workers who make their vehicles got their fair share.

Countdown to the UAW strike

As of Friday, United Auto Workers will either have a tentative agreement or be striking around the country at GM, Ford, and Stellantis.

UAW gearing up for historic auto industry strike

With all new leadership and an $825 million strike fund, the union is determined to reverse past concessions.

UAW may go on the offense to end two-tier contracts

Under new leadership, UAW may be more assertive this year when union contracts expire Sept. 14 with the three big U.S. automakers.

UC grad workers end historic strike with big wins

The strike won pay increases of over 25% for teaching assistants, tutors and researchers, and that’s inspiring grad workers elsewhere.

Massive graduate worker strike shuts down UC system

The University of California work stoppage is the biggest U.S. strike of 2022, and also the biggest higher education strike in U.S. history.

Elon Musk baiting union again

Tesla workers held their first-ever workplace representation vote Feb. 28 ... in Germany. But in the US, Tesla has so far resisted unionizing.

John Deere battle ends with historic gains for strikers

Workers stood solid for five weeks and won big, doubling their raises and rejecting a plan to cut pensions for new hires.

GM strikers win big gains

After 40 days on the picket line, the longest nationwide strike against General Motors in nearly 50 years ended Oct. 25.

No more ‘American Idle’?

UAW is calling on Americans to buy American. And sing about it.

Workers say no to union at Mississippi Nissan plant

After a decade-long campaign by United Auto Workers, workers at a Nissan auto plant in Canton, Mississippi rejected unionization in a 2,244 to 1,307 vote Aug. 3-4.

Machinists at Bodycote battle for first contract

Camas Bodycote workers voted last June to unionize, but are still trying to get a first contract

A quest to find Union Beer

It’s not easy to ID union-made beer. There’s no union label, and little accurate, up-to-date info.

Ralph Rigdon, 1928-2014

The longtime UAW member was active in union and Democratic politics

1963 March on Washington — time to march again

Conventional narratives of the March downplay its economic demands — and labor’s central role

Hunger for justice

Hunger strikers demand GM take responsibility for injured workers in Colombia.