Starbucks says it wants labor peace

After two years of organizing and strikes by baristas, Starbucks announced Feb. 27 that it wants a reset with Starbucks Workers United.

Starbucks store closures were illegal

The company started closing stores, citing crime. Sound suspicious? The NLRB says it was a response to the union.

Judge orders Starbucks to rehire fired baristas

Heather Clark and Gail Kleeman are among dozens of union supporters that Starbucks has fired illegally across the country.

Nationwide Starbucks strike protests rampant unfair labor practices

The one-day strike, to protest a staggering number of unfair labor practices, included stores in Beaverton, Portland, and Vancouver.

Starbucks refusing to bargain with union

Nearly two years after the first Starbucks store unionized, not one Starbucks location has a first union contract.

Starbucks coming under pressure

The union-busting coffee giant sees a strike wave, an adverse legal ruling, and its leader hauled before a Senate Committee.

Nine Oregon Starbucks join nationwide strike

The strike involving more than 100 stores was timed for the day Starbucks launched its annual “red cup” holiday promotion. 

Starbucks fires Portland union organizer

It’s illegal to retaliate against workers for union activity, but Starbucks has been firing union supporters around the country.

NLRB says Starbucks violated labor law in Eugene

The complaint lists the dates and store locations where violations occurred, and the names of managers who committed them.

Northwest Starbucks workers prepare to bargain

In Oregon and Washington, union Starbucks shops have bargaining dates set throughout November and early December.

Judge: Starbucks illegally fired workers for union activity

Starbucks must reinstate seven workers the company fired in Tennessee after a federal judge found the terminations were illegal retaliation.

Strikes shut down all but one Eugene Starbucks

Within a week, a strike grew from one to seven Starbucks locations in Eugene, Oregon. That meant every union store in the city was on strike.

Starbucks Portland closure: Timing smacks of union busting

Workers have been raising safety concerns at a Portland Starbucks for years, but the company only took action days before a union election.

Starbucks union victories continue in Washington

Workers at a Bellingham Starbucks became the 15th location in Washington to affiliate with Workers United when ballots were counted July 6.

Starbucks to close 16 stores, citing safety

For Starbucks Workers United, the timing made Portland's 4th and Morrison store closure a clear escalation in union busting.

Union Starbucks in Oregon

19 Starbucks in Oregon have voted to unionize since April 2022, including stores in Eugene, Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, and Happy Valley.

Starbucks union continues Portland winning streak

Workers United has won union elections at all 11 Portland-area Starbucks stores where ballots have been counted.

Portland is nine for nine in Starbucks union elections

Workers at four more Portland-area Starbucks stores voted to unionize with Starbucks Workers United over the past two weeks.

How Starbucks is turning a new generation on to unionism

Starbucks employees in Portland are part of a burgeoning nationwide store-by-store union campaign led by young frontline workers.

Starbucks charged with extensive labor law violations

The complaint brings together a slew of charges the union Workers United filed against Starbucks from November 2021 through April 2022.