Freedom Foundation

Washington Court tests new law in Freedom Foundation case

Washington Federation of State Employee advocated for the measure amid a multi-year legal battle against the anti-union Freedom Foundation.

Shilling for the antiunion Freedom Foundation? Tulsi, say it isn’t so!

On Oct. 14, Tulsi Gabbard will take the stage in Hillsboro at an event sponsored by the rabidly anti-union Freedom Foundation.

GUEST OPINION: Freedom Foundation’s SPAM assault

What to do when anti-union email arrives in your inbox.

Trump-pardoned felon will raise anti-union funds

Far-right culture warrior Dinesh D’Souza will headline a $115-a-plate fundraiser for the Freedom Foundation.

Turning the tables on union-busting canvassers

Union-funded Northwest Accountability Project is publishing the names, pictures — and in some cases addresses — of Freedom Foundation canvassers.

Meet the “anti-union” organizers

Freedom Foundation is showing up at workplaces and knocking on doors in Washington and Oregon to try to talk workers out of paying union dues.

Trump cabinet nominee Andy Puzder headlines Portland fundraiser for union-busting group

Freedom Foundation is attacking Laborers Local 483 and others.

Cowlitz County commissioner cancels presentation by anti-union Freedom Foundation

The group was invited to make the case for opening union bargaining to the public.

Former Trump nominee Andy Puzder to speak at anti-union fundraiser in Portland

Puzder dropped out as nominee for labor secretary, and lost his job as CEO.

Bakers Local 114 closes Wells Fargo account for its link to an anti-union group

For business leaders, actions sometimes have consequences.

Labor fights back against Freedom Foundation

Sorry, Freedom Foundation: Unionbusting isn't a legitimate tax-deductible purpose

Union members disrupt right-to-work strategy session

A planning meeting by two anti-union think tanks had some uninvited guests.