Floor Coverers Local 1236

Painters and Allied Trades District Council 5 elects new leadership

Based on votes cast at 12 locals June 8, the 6,100-member district council will be headed by Todd Springer from Portland-based Glaziers Local 740.

STARs of Painters/Drywall Finishers Local 10 and Floor Coverers Local 1236

After completing skill advancement and safety courses, members of Painters & Drywall Finishers Local 10 and Floor Coverers Local 1236 got cash and other bonuses at the May 31 STAR Awards banquet.

UO’s new $1 billion Knight Science Campus will be built under a PLA

Oregon State Building Trades signed a project labor agreement with UO and Hoffman Construction on the project, which will be built in four phases over 10 years and employ up to 1,300 construction workers.

Paint and Floor Coverer STARS!

Commitment to training sets these workers apart from their competition.

Painters, Floor Coverers distribute $500 bonuses for safety training

The bonus checks are a way to honor the best-trained workforce in the industry

After 38 years, Kathy Blay retires as secretary for Locals 1236, 740

Blay greeted a generation of members of Floor Coverers Local 1236 and Glass Workers Local 740.