STARs of Painters/Drywall Finishers Local 10 and Floor Coverers Local 1236


Along with a hefty check and a blue-tooth speaker, Painters Local 10 member Ryan Ely received a Lucas ProFinish paint brush engraved with his name as a reward for completing additional skills trainings.

Congratulations to members of Painters & Drywall Finishers Local 10 and Floor Coverers Local 1236 who received bonus awards at the STAR Awards banquet May 31 in Troutdale.

The union workers qualified for the bonuses after completing skill advancement training and safety courses.

  • Local 10 members must take 10 safety classes, seven of which don’t expire. To get a $400 bonus they must take eight additional hours of voluntary skill advancement training; to qualify for a $700 bonus they must complete 16 hours of advanced training; and to score a $1,000 bonus they also must mentor an apprentice.
  • Members of Local 1236 must complete 24 hours of safety or industry related training in a calendar year.

The STAR program was initiated in 2004 when Painters and Allied Trades District Council 5 and the Signatory Painting Contractors Organization made a commitment to each other to field the best-trained workforce in the industry. This led to the creation of the Painters Union/Management Partnership, or PUMP. The program is funded by a cents-per-hour contribution negotiated in their collective bargaining agreement. Local 1236 started funding its program in 2010.

The following members of Local 10 received bonus checks of $400, $700, or $1,000 depending on the number of class requirements they met, plus a Makita bluetooth speaker and a Lucas ProFinish paint brush with their names engraved.
Painters: Jermie Ali, Joseluis Castellanos, Cody Doney, Ryan Ely, Michael Keller, Andrew Kingery, James McClara, Tearsa McVey, Destiny Mullis, Frank Ramos, Tony Schmidt, and Timothy Simpson.
Drywall Finishers: David Aldaco, Richard Apodaca, Horacio Arista, Max Cole, Tucker Crone, Fernando Diaz, Nathan Glade, Luis Ibanez, Jose Maciel, Juan Maldonado, Luis Ortiz Lopez, Jesus Pedro, Daniel Radcliffe, and Sabato Schmidt-Urciuoli.


The following members of Local 1236 received bonus checks of $599, plus a Makita bluetooth speaker and a $100 gift card to T&A Supply.
Floor Coverers: Andrew Booth, Ryan Burlingame, Nicholas Burnham, Adam Cornell, Rodrigo Morales-Corona, Michael Ells, Dustin Hagan, Loren Harshman, Kevin Lawrence, Roberto Mendez Luna, Michael Nielsen, Kevin Palmer, Daniel Ramirez, Donald Rusk, Thomas Schafer, Andrew Sparks, Vovka Tarasenko, Brent Tompkins, Jake Underwood, Roger Vidal, and Ryan Weeks.


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