More local unions pass resolutions on Gaza


Two more local unions have passed resolutions on the war in Gaza in recent months.

The resolutions passed by members of IBEW Local 48 and Portland Federation of School Employees (American Federation of Teachers Local 111) are very similar to ones passed by Painters Local 10 and Ironworkers Local 29 in December. They go further than some other labor resolutions that called for a cease-fire, in that they call for an end to arming and funding Israel, and for Israel to vacate Gaza and the West Bank. The resolutions also call on labor everywhere to stop the shipment of arms to Israel, and they salute dock workers in Spain, Belgium, and Italy who have said they’ll refuse to handle such arms shipments.

Local 48 members passed the resolution Feb. 28, and Portland Federation of School Employees members passed theirs March 6.  


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