Collective bargaining

Portland teachers go back to work

A 26-day strike led to an improved contract for 3,700 teachers, counselors, and librarians, including raises totaling 14.6% over three years.

Las Vegas casino workers win big in deal that averts strike

New contracts with Caesars, MGM, and Wynn will increase pay 32% over five years for 40,000 workers, raising pay to $35 an hour.

UFCW Local 555 ends strike at Kaiser

The union is still seeking to put pressure on the company by encouraging patients to drop Kaiser, saying their health care could be at risk.

Oregon home care workers get raise of $1.73 an hour Jan. 1

The current base wage is $17.77 an hour. The new two-year agreement also increases the number of hours caregivers are allowed to work.

OFNHP reaches agreements with PeaceHealth

More than 1,300 health care workers struck Oct. 23-27 at PeaceHealth Southwest in Vancouver and St. John Medical Center in Longview.

Portland teachers strike for fair wages and smaller classes

It’s a fight that teachers say has been brewing a long time.

Parents emerge as ‘third force’ in Portland teachers strike

Parents are joining Portland teachers on strike picket lines throughout the district — because they support what teachers are fighting for.

IBEW Local 48 gets $13/hour increase over three years

Members of IBEW Local 48 ratified three agreements in the last month that cover nearly all of the union’s 6,000 members.

Oregon Legislative workers get first union contract

The bargaining unit covers all legislative assistants supporting elected officials in the Oregon Legislature, between 90 and 180 workers.

Seattle Kaiser workers get contract too

One day before a planned strike, SEIU Local 1199NW reached a tentative agreement for a local add-on to Kaiser Permanente's national contract.

Strike at Yamhill County

About 400 members of Yamhill County Employees Association returned to work with a tentative agreement Nov. 8 after a five-day strike.

Historic SAG-AFTRA strike is over

Screen actors won the right to streaming residuals, and safeguards against abuse of their images through AI.

UAW wins ‘stunning’ victory at Big Three

One by one, the three auto companies settled record-setting contracts with United Auto Workers, ending a 46-day strike that began Sept. 15.

No labor peace at PeaceHealth

Leading up to a strike by SW Washington hospital techs, management offered bonus pay to get workers to scab against their own coworkers.

Portland teachers strike ‘for the common good‘

Nearly 4,500 teachers in Portland Public Schools began picketing Nov. 1 in the first-ever teachers strike at Oregon’s largest school district.

Trouble at Oregon Tradeswomen

The pre-apprenticeship nonprofit is hemorrhaging board members and staff and may be losing favor with local unions.

The biggest health care strike in U.S. history

75,000 workers struck Kaiser Permanente for 3 days. Now a 4-year agreement brokered by the U.S. Secretary of Labor provides 21% raises.

Workers set to strike Oct. 23 at PeaceHealth

A strike is likely and will include lab techs, service, and maintenance workers at PeaceHealth hospitals in Vancouver and Longview.

Multnomah County dentists authorize strike

Dentists say seeing more patients per day will lower the quality of care they offer to Medicaid enrollees and uninsured or homeless patients.

ILWU declares bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the fallout from a fight for two jobs on the Portland docks. The longshore union has been battling in court for over 10 years.