How to tell if your Oreo Is union-made

Chicken In A BiskitThere’s no union label on Nabisco products, but the ink stamp on the end of each package tells you where it was made — if you know what to look for. On most products, right next to the expiration date, there’s a two-letter code. Here’s your decoder:

  • AE – Chicago, Illinois
  • AH – Portland, Oregon
  • AP – Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  • AX – Atlanta, Georgia
  • AZ – Richmond, Virginia
  • MM – Monterrey, Mexico
  • MS – Salinas, Mexico

The five U.S. plants are union-represented, but Bakery union officials say the Mexican plants are nonunion.

Don’t assume your area will have products from the closest Nabisco facility. On the shelves of one Northeast Portland Rite-Aid, we found Ritz, Chips Ahoy and Wheat Thins from Chicago; Premium Saltines from New Jersey; Chicken in a Biskit crackers from Portland; Fig Newtons and Honey Maid graham crackers from Monterrey; and Oreos … from Salinas Mexico.

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  1. As for Tropicana orange juice and other products, look for a 48 or 33 on the production code. 48 is the main plant in Bradenton, FL. and 33 is from the plant at Fort Pierce, FL (most products will be made at the Bradenton plant). Hourly workers at both plants are members of Teamsters Local 173

  2. I have Honey Grahams with the code “RJ.” Is there a more comprehensive list of manufacturing sites? Thanks.

  3. The 2019 mystery Oreo’s have a production plant code of 06FEB20BD16A. Where is BD manufactured?
    Have they changed production codes to keep us from knowing where they are made?
    Can/Will someone who works in the American Factories let us know if they have changed the codes?

  4. Codes that start with “B” or “R” are coming from contracted co-packing facilities, typically used by Mondelez for short runs on specialty items like Mystery Oreos.

    The codes to look out for, LEAVE on the shelf, and NOTIFY store managers about are still “MM” and “MS” indicating the product came from a Mondelez plant in Mexico and was shipped back into a U.S. store to be sold for the same price as the union-made product.

    If you see a code that starts with “A” then you’re looking at a union-made package! Definitely buy those when you can!

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