Teamsters reach agreement with UPS

Contract ratification began Aug. 3 and will run through Aug. 22, at which point the results will be announced.

Teamsters set August 1 strike date at UPS

An estimated 340,000 Teamsters-represented workers at UPS are set to strike after their contract expires if no new agreement is in place.

Graphic Communications Conference leaves the Teamsters union

Before it became a division of the Teamsters in 2004, the union was known as the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU).

Breakthroughs in bargaining as UPS counts down to Aug. 1 strike

UPS has agreed to eliminate a two-tier wage system, end forced overtime on drivers’ days off, and establish MLK Day as a full holiday.

United Airlines unions unite on bargaining

Together, the 78,000 workers represented by the five member unions make up 85% of United Airlines’ workforce.

Shakeup in Teamsters leadership

Teamsters general president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is retiring at age 80, and his chosen successor just lost a leadership vote in a landslide.

Teamsters announce new 5-year contract at UPS, despite member vote to reject it

The Teamsters UPS contract is the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America, and comes at a time that UPS is booming thanks to online shopping.

Teamsters reach deal at UPS

If ratified, a new five-year nationwide contract will cover 260,000 workers.

UPS Teamsters authorize strike

About 280,000 workers could walk out as soon as Aug. 1.

Labor Council takes stand against soda tax initiative

The Labor Council is discouraging union members from signing the initiative petitions.

Song of the Stubborn One Thousand

A new book tells the story of a remarkable union victory in a California frozen food strike during an era of union-busting.

Teamsters oppose beer mega-merger

The union says merger would hurt both workers and consumers.

Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts

The proposed pension cuts to 300,000 retirees are unfair and confusing — and not deep enough to prevent insolvency.

American Airlines agents unionize: Biggest union win in the South in decades

Workers join a 14,500-member bargaining unit represented jointly by CWA and the Teamsters

A quest to find Union Beer

It’s not easy to ID union-made beer. There’s no union label, and little accurate, up-to-date info.

$15 SeaTac minimum wage challenged in court

Judge will rule by Jan. 1, when the law is to take effect

Fracture and reunion as nurses unions shift alignments

Nurse associations have merged, split, and morphed as nurses turn toward collective bargaining.

The day the Twinkie died

Hostess Brands goes out blaming unions for its demise

We are the 99 percent: Unions get behind the Occupy movement

Unions line up in support of Occupy Wall Street as the movement explodes.

Rogue Ales puts chill on Teamsters Union campaign

When its minimum wage brewers sought a union, Rogue Ales lawyered up and fired two.