Michigan repeals right-to-work law


On Feb. 13, Michigan’s anti-union right-to-work law was officially repealed.

Right-to-work is the term used for a state law that prohibits union contracts from requiring that workers pay union dues. It’s meant to weaken unions, and a Republican Legislature passed it in 2012.

Democrats retook the Legislature and governor’s office and moved last year to repeal it. It’s the first time a state has ever reversed a right-to-work law, and the repeal leaves 27 right-to-work states, mostly in the South and Great Plains states.


  1. Right-To-Work law in Florida , produced five (5) deaths and countless injuries to complete the Orlando I 4 Freeway directly extending the completion of that project by one (1) year and $100,000,000.00 million dollars over budget. Florida Hiway went with non-union contractors by 99% and paid the price with human lives.

  2. Congratulations To The Michigan Labor Movement with particular Thanks to Teamster Leader Kevin Moore! Be Wise Organize!


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