Michigan repeals right-to-work law

It’s the first time a state has ever reversed a right-to-work law, and the repeal leaves 27 right-to-work states.

Michigan repeals ‘right-to-work’ and restores prevailing wage

Democratic majorities voted to repeal a “right-to-work” law that GOP legislators passed in 2012, and restore the state prevailing wage law. 

Right to work bill gets pummeled in Montana Legislature

For Montana’s labor movement, it was a fight for life: Union foes thought they'd pass “right to work” given a 2-1 Republican House majority.

Missouri: Roadmap to victory

The hustle by unions on the ground in Missouri was remarkable.

Labor highlights from the 2017 Oregon Legislature

Lawmakers passed landmark labor laws, but dropped the ball on tax fairness and housing.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda in the final stretch

So much to do. And just three weeks to go.

Protecting Oregon’s rural workers

Oregon's Legislature just passed a law that will prevent cities and counties from trying to pass anti-union "right-to-work" legislation.

‘Right to work’ coming to the public sector

A Supreme Court ruling that ‘fair share’ fees are unconstitutional is likely 6 to 13 months away.

At the Oregon Legislature: Labor’s agenda inches forward

Will the Oregon Legislature ban anti-union ‘right-to-work’ ordinances?

Unions facing fierce attack in GOP-led state legislatures

Iowa strips public worker collective bargaining rights, but right-to-work fails in New Hampshire.

Another state goes ‘right-to-work’ – Missouri

Missouri follows close on the heels of Kentucky, and a right-to-work bill in Congress would bar any requirement to pay union dues nationwide.

Anti-union ‘right-to-work’ laws spreading quickly

Kentucky on Jan. 7 became the 27th "right to work" state. Missouri will be next, and maybe even New Hampshire.

La Center, Wash. school board passes right-to-work resolution

Under state law, the school board can’t change union rules, so the action was symbolic.

Right to work initiatives filed in Oregon

Anti-union forces are campaigning across the United States to pass state and local “right-to-work” laws

Washington state senator proposes ‘right to work’ session

"Not going to happen" says governor Jay Inslee

Loren Parks backs a “right-to-work” initiative aimed at Oregon ballot

The 2014 measure would make public employee union dues strictly voluntary

Lame duck season

If Michigan can become a right-to-work state, every state is in jeopardy.

Party platform shows GOP turning sharply against unions

Meanwhile, 2012 Democratic platform affirms worker rights, but sends a mixed message on trade.