Monthly Archives: July, 2023

Teamsters set August 1 strike date at UPS

An estimated 340,000 Teamsters-represented workers at UPS are set to strike after their contract expires if no new agreement is in place.

Handcuffs to Hardhats

A new program in Oregon gives women prisoners a chance to prove themselves in a skilled trade and enter promising career upon release.

Washington updates heat protections for outdoor workers

It’s going to keep getting hotter. And workers need to know how to stay safe in heat.

When collective begging turned to collective bargaining

The union rights Oregon public employees have today were won because workers struck in the lead up to a landmark bill in 1973.

Murder of health aide shows fears were valid

Cascadia Behavioral Health employee Haley Rogers, a member of AFSCME Local 1790-4, was stabbed to death July 16 by one of her patients.

AFL-CIO supports bid by Microsoft for Activision

Affiliate CWA opposed the merger but changed its stance in June 2022 after Microsoft signed a union neutrality pledge.

New union rep for Northwest Natural

Jordan Fosdick, a service technician at the natural gas utility, will represent nearly 600 members of OPEIU Local 11.

They got a free education. Now they get a free degree.

Mt. Hood Community College now offers associates degrees to journeymen sheet metal workers.

The skill to save a life

A union crane operator earns a police commendation for keeping cool when it mattered.

Unions reach deals with state of Oregon

Two unions representing nearly 30,000 Oregon state workers reached agreements that would provide a cumulative 13% raise over two years.

KGW-TV, union at odds again

Photojournalists and editors say the station’s corporate owner is trying to undo hard-won agreements over staffing and union jurisdiction.

Striking Providence nurses back to bargaining

Joint mediation with Providence Portland, Providence Seaside, and Providence Home Health and Hospice is scheduled for Aug. 9.

Plasterers Local 82 signs new master agreement

In year one, journeymen will make $42.86 an hour plus $19.38 in benefits for a total compensation package of $62.24 an hour.

Sheet Metal Local 16 votes on strike as bargaining bogs down

The master agreement with signatory contractors expired June 30, and bargaining has reached impasse. Members will take a strike vote Aug. 5.

Solidarity is our lifeblood

This is proving to be one of the most consequential summers of labor action, with hundreds of thousands on strike or near striking.

The software that ate my paycheck

What’s behind the incredible string of payroll ‘errors’ at Fred Meyer, Providence, and the State of Oregon?

Painters agreement raises compensation $9.86 over three years

The deal with wall and ceiling contractors aligns with the one ratified in May with the larger Signatory Painting Contractors Organization.

Still no deal after five-day nurse strike at Providence

Oregon’s first nurse strike in decades built solidarity and prompted legal questions about the use of strikebreakers. But no contract, yet.

Union wants musicians to set standards for venues

What if musicians set minimum standards for their work, and concert-goers had a way to know which clubs met standards?

Daily News no longer longer printed daily

Longview's daily newspaper, like most of the 77 owned by Lee Enterprises, is reducing print publication schedule to three days a week.

ILWU reaches tentative contract agreement at West Coast ports

The six-year agreement, if ratified by union members, would cover more than 22,000 longshore workers across 29 ports.

Nurses pursue class action after payroll foulup at Eastern Oregon hospitals

Try to claw back money from paychecks without our permission? We’ll see you in court, say members of Oregon Nurses Association.