Washington’s best straight truck driver? A Boeing machinist


Since 2000, IAM Local 63 member Carl Gibson has driven picked up and delivered aerospace parts for Boeing’s Portland plant. He’s good at his job—and he’s heading to a national truck driving competition in Indianapolis.

Carl Gibson, a truck driver for Boeing, has competed a dozen times in the Washington Truck Driving Championships. On July 9, he won first place in his category, straight truck. A member of Machinists Lodge 63, Gibson says it’s the first time a Machinists union member has won the truck driving competition; most contestants are Teamsters or nonunion drivers.

Gibson is a Vancouver resident and traveled to the Port of Tacoma to participate as part of a team of Boeing truck drivers in blue Boeing uniforms. Two of his fellow Boeing drivers also won: Chuck Snowden in sleeper cab and Fabien Boucher in three-axle; both are members of Teamsters Local 174, based in Tukwila. The three will next compete in the National Truck Driving Championships Aug. 16-19 in Indianapolis, dubbed “the Super Bowl of trucking safety” by the American Trucking Association.

Gibson’s category, straight truck, refers to a truck that has its box built in, unlike a semi to which trailers attach and unattach. The competition includes a tough multiple choice test, a timed pre-inspection challenge where judges plant 12 defects in a truck and give contestants six minutes to find them, and finally, a driving skills test in which drivers maneuver their massive vehicles to within inches of where they need to be.

Gibson has driven for Boeing since 2000. His job is to pick up and deliver parts to and from Boeing’s Portland assembly plant.  


  1. I know Carl. Carl is an awesome driver, a very positive individual, and a great teammate. We at Boeing help each other as well as helping some of our fellow competitors because we all want to be great and want everyone to succeed. The best driver can have a bad day and lose to a new driver at any time. Carl has always been, & will be, one of the best! Congratulations my brother!

    • I miss you in the truck Brother! You have been a real inspiration and will never forget your cheers and encouragement with the team. I could never have done this without the support of my Teamster Brothers and Sisters.


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