L&I says Boeing stiffed its workers on travel pay

Boeing has paid over $11.5 million to 495 employees to resolve complaints that it failed properly pay and account for required travel time.

Boeing back in bargaining – first time in 16 years

In the past Boeing schemed to squeeze concessions out of workers and taxpayers. This year union leaders are looking for a reboot.

Carl Gibson does it again

Machinists Lodge 63 member Carl Gibson will be representing Boeing at a national truck driving competition Aug. 16-19 in Columbus, Ohio.

Washington’s best straight truck driver? A Boeing machinist

Carl Gibson will compete in the 'straight truck' category at the National Truck Driving Championships Aug. 16-19 in Indianapolis.

SPEEA workers at Boeing split in narrow votes on contract extension

A unit of over 12,000 engineers narrowly voted to accept a four-year contract extension, while a unit of 5,000 technical workers voted to reject it.

Machinists win toehold at Boeing South Carolina plant

South Carolina is the least-unionized state in the nation, with just 2.6 percent of workers in a union, and its governor wants to keep it that way.

OE 701 cries foul at Boeing use of “rat” contractor at Gresham plant

Integrity Machinery Moving is accused of underbidding union contractors while employing nonunion workers and paying them below area-standard wages and benefits. 

Boeing South Carolina votes to stay nonunion

South Carolina Boeing rejected the Machinists Union by a three-to-one margin

Boeing terminates contract with union paint contractor

147 Machinists-represented workers will be terminated, though many may end up being hired by the new contractor.

At a Boeing paint contractor, workers vote to join Machinists union

An 11th-hour anti-union blitz fell flat at a contractor where workers make half the wage of their union counterparts.

At a Boeing contractor in Portland, workers vote whether to go union

Well-paid professional union-busters will try to talk low-wage workers out of unionizing.

‘Fighting Machinist’ Sam Beekman is in the battle of his life against ALS

Beekman, a Boeing machinist, will take part in the 3-mile Southwest Washington Walk to Defeat ALS

Organized Labor — Year 2014 in Review

Union experiments with movement building pay off in fast-food strikes, minimum wage increases

Boeing controversy fuels challenge to top Machinist posts

After an investigation, DOL is overseeing a re-run of the election for national Machinists officers

In second vote, Machinists narrowly ratify pact at Boeing

Workers give up their pension and make other concessions in a contract extended through 2024

New round of contract talks at Boeing collapse

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee criticized union leaders, saying Boeing’s offer should be put to a vote.

In a stand for the middle class, Machinists reject Boeing offer

Highly profitable Boeing wanted a long-term deal with anemic raise and an end to pension

Precision Castparts workers vote to stay non-union

The vote on whether to join Machinists is 932-1,258

2,300 workers at Precision Castparts vote June 7 on unionization

PCC is waging a by-the-book anti-union campaign against the Machinists

SPEEA technical unit accepts Boeing’s offer on second vote

New hires will get a 401(k), not the pension existing members get at highly profitable Boeing.