Workers at five Oregon Starbucks are now union


In ballots counted April 28, workers at four Starbucks stores in Eugene voted overwhelmingly to unionize with Workers United, while workers at a fifth Eugene Starbucks store at 65 Oakway Center voted to remain nonunion.

The votes are the latest Starbucks union tallies in Oregon, with 12 more on the way. They’re part of a sweeping nationwide campaign by Starbucks workers to unionize. Since September 2021, workers at at least 43 Starbucks stores have voted to unionize, according to Workers United. A handful of stores have voted against unionization, although some of those election results are being challenged. All told, nearly 250 Starbucks locations have filed for union elections, though that number changes almost daily.

The April 28 vote counts:

  • 495 West 7th Ave., Eugene: 12-1
  • 1895 Franklin Blvd., Eugene: 16-0
  • 3003 North Delta Hwy., Eugene: 10-1
  • 1395 University St., Eugene: 19-0
  • 65 Oakway Center, Eugene: 4-7

The first Eugene Starbucks to go union was the store at 2830 Willamette St.; workers there voted 17-0 to unionize in ballots counted April 13.

Two more Eugene stores will have their votes counted May 5, while 10 Portland-area stores have vote counts on May 17, May 24, June 2, June 7 and June 23.

Meanwhile, on April 22 a Starbucks at 2233 E Burnside St. in Gresham became the 19th store in Oregon to announce a union.


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