Monthly Archives: October, 2020

Four years of Trump: The record speaks for itself

He pledged to rewrite NAFTA, invest $1 trillion in infrastructure, and slash taxes for the rich. Now there's a 4-year record to judge him by.

Jobs on the ballot

Two local ballot measures could make the difference between jobs and joblessness for thousands of workers.

Platforms show parties increasingly divided on unions

The GOP, particularly at the national level, has become explicitly anti-union. Meanwhile, Democrats are returning to more pro-union stances.

Mohlis elected chair of SAIF board

The retired leader of the Oregon State Building Trades Council will oversee Oregon’s not-for-profit workers compensation insurance company.

At a model library, cuts and turmoil

Multnomah County Library workers are mourning last month's cut of 128 positions as a major blow to one of the nation's top library systems.

It’s all on the line on November 3

The economy is just a set of rules that can be rewritten. That starts with who we elect. For working people, elections make a difference.

New Multnomah County Courthouse: Built by union labor

The four-year, $324.5 million project both set and met goals for the participation of women and minority workers and contractors.

Sheet metal worker by day, race car driver on weekends

Sheet Metal Workers Local 16 member Chris West competes in stock car races nearly every weekend throughout the summer.

Sam A. Rutledge, 1936-2020

Rutledge led Woodworkers Local Lodge W12 in Klamath Falls, and was one of the longest serving members of the Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Board.

Gerald ‘Jerry’ R. Lantto, 1935-2020

He was directing business rep for the Machinists Woodworkers regional council and president of the Southwestern Oregon Central Labor Council.

A union guide to the 2020 general election

Labor organizations in Oregon and Southwest Washington are supporting over 100 candidates and ballot measure campaigns.

Joe Biden’s promises to labor

Joe Biden is putting forward the most pro-labor campaign planks of any Democratic presidential nominee in generations.

Don’t fall for fearmongering. Our ballots are more secure than ever.

The mail-in voting system in Oregon and Washington is a model for other states.

New Pearl District neighborhood: union-built

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called it one of the most complex and ambitious development projects the City has ever taken on.

Portland-area drivers win raises in first Teamster contract

The contract locks in raises of $2.25 an hour and enrolls workers in the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension.

Lebanon Veterans Home workers stay union

A year after unionizing, with no first union contract signed, some were ready to dump the union, but the majority voted to stay the course.

Oregon Building Trades COVID task force lauded as potential model

Since June, the task force has been sharing and promoting best practices, and visiting construction job sites.

LCSA raising funds as COVID, fire, and recession hit union families

The agency has given 700 families $125,000 in assistance through its Helping Hands Temporary Hardship Program since COVID-19 hit the region.

We need on-demand drug treatment, now

Oregon ranks nearly last in the availability of drug addiction treatment for those who want it. Ballot Measure 110 would change that.

John E. Clatworthy, 1947-2020

Clatworthy worked for the Portland Opera and was president of IATSE Local 28.

George M. Miller, 1935-2020

Miller led Machinists District Council 24 and Northwest Oregon Labor Council, and was a member of the Port of Portland Commission.