LCSA raising funds as COVID, fire, and recession hit union families

Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA) is ramping up its fall and winter fundraising program to help families hit hard by the pandemic, recession, and fires. To date, the agency has served 700 families with $125,000 in assistance through its Helping Hands Temporary Hardship Program since COVID-19 hit the region. It is now preparing for a predicted fall round of layoffs, an eventual lift on the statewide eviction moratorium, come-due utility bills, and unexpected childcare costs. And the holidays are just around the corner. LCSA is planning an innovative drive-thru Presents from Partners event this year, with a goal of serving 900 kids (up from 300 last year). They also want to distribute $15,000 in gift cards to families that attend. The gift cards can be used for holiday gifts in lieu of the thousands of toys kids typically pick from.

Also on the docket is the fall and winter gift card program. The goal this year is to provide 400 families with $20,000 in holiday meal cards throughout November and December for their holiday celebrations (up from 120 families served last year).

For all of these safety-net programs, union members must be referred to LCSA by their respective union local.

But to pull all this off takes money. LCSA is now accepting donations from locals, councils, individuals, vendors, and businesses.


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