A union guide to the 2020 general election

ABOUT THIS GUIDE: Ballots can be confusing and crowded. To help union members make an informed decision, this guide lists all candidates who have at least one union endorsement, except candidates who are unopposed. Each entry includes a list of union endorsers and a link to a web site where you can find out more. [All acronyms are listed in the legend below.]

  • NATIONAL Joe Biden’s promises to labor
  • NATIONAL Four years of Trump: The record speaks for itself
  • NATIONAL Platforms show parties increasingly divided on unions
  • OREGON candidates and ballot measures
  • WASHINGTON candidates and ballot measures
  • BALLOT SECURITY Your mail-in ballots in Oregon and Washington are more secure than ever.

What a union endorsement means

Union members, and even unions, don’t always agree on how to vote, but a union endorsement is a piece of information voters can use when making that decision. Unions vary in the process they use to generate recommendations, but ultimately all are organizations with a mission of defending workers, and a leadership that’s elected by members.

The largest and most politically active labor organizations tend to have the most robust processes for vetting candidates and measures. At the Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon AFSCME, IBEW Local 48, United Association of Plumbers and Fitters Local 290, and UFCW Local 555, the process starts when candidates seeking endorsement fill out a questionnaire, saying where they stand on workers rights, infrastructure investment, and economic policy.

A number of unions, including Local 290 and Oregon AFSCME, have volunteer political action committees that are open to any member. Before those committees make an endorsement recommendation, they spend many hours interviewing candidates (and educating them about union issues while they’re at it.) Oregon AFSCME organizes panel interviews, open to any member, and after that the panels make recommendations to a 34-member statewide political action committee.

At multi-union federations like the Oregon AFL-CIO and the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, endorsement requires the support of unions representing at least two-thirds of affiliated members. But most of the time, their endorsement votes are unanimous.

“The reality is, organized labor isn’t a special interest,” says Local 555 political director Thomas Mosher. “It’s how working people have a voice.”

For Oregonians, Oct. 13 is the deadline to register to vote in the November 2020 general election. Ballots will be mailed out on Oct. 14, and must be received by Nov. 3.



U.S. Senate

Jeff Merkley (D) is seeking a third six-year term. It would be challenging to find a stronger labor ally in the U.S. Senate than Merkley. He also works harder than any other Oregon member of Congress to stay in touch with Oregon’s labor movement. The national AFL-CIO gives him a 99% lifetime voting record in Congress. AFL-CIO, OBTC, IAFF, UFCW JeffMerkley.com

U.S. House

Congressional District 1 (Portland/NW Oregon)

Suzanne Bonamici (D) has been a reliably pro-labor Democrat. The AFL-CIO gives her a 95% lifetime rating over her five terms in the House. AFL-CIO, IAFF, IUPAT, OEA, ONA, UFCW, WFP BonamiciForCongress.com

Congressional District 3 (Portland/E.Multnomah Co.)

Earl Blumenauer (D) has been a reliably pro-labor Democrat. The national AFL-CIO gives him a 93% lifetime rating over his seven terms in the House. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, IAFF, IBT, IUPAT, OEA, SEIU, UFCW EarlBlumenauer.com

Congressional District 4 (Eugene/ SW Oregon)

Peter DeFazio (D), in Congress since 1987, voted against NAFTA and has remained a fierce critic of NAFTA-style deals. He’s also a big proponent of infrastructure investment, and serves as the chair of the House Transportation Committee. This year he faces a challenge from Alek Skarlatos, a 27-year-old Army National Guard veteran who became famous for stopping a terrorist on a train in France in 2015. Skarlatos wrote a book about the experience and later played himself in a Clint Eastwood movie about it. Though he’s never held public office before, he’s raised $1.3 million as of July 1; almost two-thirds of his contributions are coming from outside Oregon. DeFazio has defeated well-funded challenges before, but organized labor doesn’t want to risk losing him in the House, and considers his re-election a priority. AFL-CIO, AFT, CWA, IAFF, IBT, IUPAT, LiUNA, OEA, UA 290, UFCW, WFP DefazioForCongress.org

Congressional District 5 (Salem/Clackamas/Coast)

Kurt Schrader (D), a five-term incumbent, has one of the worst labor records of any Democrat in the House. It’s not just that Schrader has voted for every NAFTA-style trade treaty. He also voted to restrict workers’ right to unionize on Indian reservations, sponsored a bill to ban slowdown job actions by longshore workers, and this February was one of only seven Democrats to vote against the PRO Act, a bill to eliminate anti-union “right to work” laws and make it easier for workers to unionize. Only one union appears to be endorsing him this election. With a $2.6 million campaign war chest mostly from moneyed interests, there’s little doubt Schrader will beat the Republican nominee— former Keizer city councilor Amy Ryan Courser. Courser, who had less than $4,000 on hand as of July, calls Schrader a “antifa-loving radical Democrat” and says Joe Biden and Kate Brown represent Satan and socialism. OEA KurtSchrader.com


Measure 107 (Limit campaign contributions)

YES Oregon ranks #1 in the country in corporate political donations to candidates, thanks to how the Oregon Supreme Court has interpreted the free speech provisions of the state Constitution. Measure 107 would amend the Oregon Constitution to allow laws that limit political campaign contributions and require disclosure of those contributions. It was referred to voters by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of the Oregon Legislature. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, OEA FairAndHonestElections.org

Measure 108 (Tobacco Tax)

YES Measure 108 taxes e-cigarettes and vaping products for the first time, and increases the existing $1.33 per pack cigarette tax by $2 per pack. That brings Oregon cigarette taxes in line with those in Washington and California. Revenues will fund health care coverage for low-income families and public health programs including tobacco prevention. The measure was referred to voters by a two-to-one majority of the Oregon Legislature. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, OFNHP, ONA, SEIU 503 YesOn108.org

Measure 109 (Psilocybin)

YES Based on research that shows psilocybin (psychoactive mushrooms) are useful in treating depression, anxiety, and addiction, Measure 109 allows the licensed production and distribution of psilocybin for consumption by adults 21 and over, for therapeutic purposes and under supervision. The program would begin after a two-year development period overseen by the Oregon Health Authority. AFSCME VoteYesOn109.org

Measure 110 (Drug treatment)

YES Addiction is a serious crisis in Oregon, which ranks nearly last among states in access to drug treatment. Measure 110 is meant to make drug treatment and recovery available to any Oregon resident who requests it. It would increase funding for drug treatment by about $60 million a year by diverting marijuana tax revenue over what was forecast when voters first passed marijuana legalization and dedicated the tax revenue to schools. Currently over 8,000 people are arrested in Oregon each year for simple drug possession. Convicting them criminally costs $15,000 per case, more than drug treatment. Measure 110 decriminalizes simple possession of illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine and devotes the money saved from the criminal justice system toward drug treatment. Manufacture and distribution would still be criminal, but possession would become a Class E violation, subject to either a $100 fine or a required substance use disorder screening by a certified alcohol and drug counselor. AFL-CIO, CWA 7901, IAM, IBEW 48, ONA, SEIU 503, SEIU 49, UFCW, WFP VoteYesOn110.org


Secretary of State

Shemia Fagan (D) is an employment law attorney and six-year state legislator. She challenged and toppled an incumbent Senate Democrat who stood in the way of tenant rights reform, and then she helped pass the nation’s first statewide rent control law. The Oregon AFL-CIO named her working family champion of the year in 2019. She also voted against last year’s bill to cut PERS contributions. She faces Kim Thatcher, a Republican state rep from Keizer. In Oregon, the Secretary of State oversees elections and ballot initiatives, business registration and state archives, and audits of state agencies, and becomes governor in case of a vacancy. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME,AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW ShemiaForOregon.com

State Treasurer

Tobias Read (D), as incumbent state treasurer, passed a policy requiring the use of responsible construction and building service contractors wherever the state owns a majority of a real estate investment. He also worked to successfully implement the union-suggested Oregon Saves retirement savings plan for workers who don’t otherwise have a retirement plan through their employer. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA, IBT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW, WFP TobiasRead.com

Attorney General

Ellen Rosenblum (D), a former federal prosecutor and judge, is seeking a third term. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, IAM, IBEW 48, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, SMART, UBC, UFCW, WFP EllenRosenblum.com


Senate District 2 (Grants Pass)

Jerry Allen (D), a farmer, health educator, and fire district volunteer, faces Art Robinson (R) to succeed Senate Republican leader Herman Baertschiger, who decided not to run again after shutting down the legislature with several walkouts. Robinson is a chemist best known for running against Congressman Peter DeFazio every two years since 2010. AFSCME, CWA, OEA, SEIU, WFP JerryAllenForSenate.com

Senate District 5 (Coos Bay)

Melissa Cribbins (D) faces Lincoln City Mayor Dick Anderson (R) and Lakeside City Councilor Shauleen Higgins of the Green Party. Getting her into office is a top priority for labor. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UFCW, UA 290 MelissaCribbins.com

Senate District 10 (Salem)

Deb Patterson (D) is a pastor at a church in Canby, a home care worker, and member of SEIU Local 503. She’s also a graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidate School, which prepares union members to run for office. Two years ago, she got 46% of the vote in a challenge to longtime Republican incumbent Jackie Winters. Now she faces Denyc Boles (R) who was appointed when Winters died in 2019. Boles has been on the opposite side of the union movement on virtually every vote, and in 2019 voted against a bill to expand the prevailing wage in construction. In 2020 she took part in the Republican walkout that shut down the legislative session. A win for Patterson could tip the Oregon Senate in a more pro-labor direction. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IBEW 280, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW, UA 290 DebPattersonOR.org

Senate District 12 (Dallas)

Bernadette Hansen (D), a former legislative aide and watershed council director, is challenging incumbent Brian Boquist (R). Boquist got nationwide press last year after he threatened Senate President Peter Courtney and state police during the GOP walkout to stop a climate change bill. As a result, he was ordered to give 12 hours notice to the Oregon State police before entering the Capitol. AFSCME, OEA, OSEA BernadetteHansen.com

Brian Boquist (R), incumbent, is a retired army lieutenant colonel. OBTC

Senate District 14 (Beaverton)

Kate Lieber (D) is a former domestic abuse prosecutor who teaches criminal justice at PCC and chairs the Board of the homeless non-profit Transition Projects. She faces Harmony Mulkey (R) in the race to succeed Democrat Mark Hass, who ran unsuccesfully in the Democratic primary for secretary of state. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, IUPAT, LiUNA, OEA, OFNHP, OSEA, SEIU, UBC, UA 290, UFCW KateForOregon.com

Senate District 25 (Gresham)

Chris Gorsek (D), an instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, member of AFT-Oregon, and former police officer, has served as state rep since 2012 and has received the state AFL-CIO’s top rating for his pro-labor votes and work, including showing up on picket lines and voting against PERS cuts. Now he’s running to succeed Democrat Laurie Monnes-Anderson. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA, ONA, OSEA, UA 290, UFCW, WFP ChrisGorsek.com

Justin Hwang (R) is a first-generation Korean immigrant and owner of Joy Teriyaki and Joy Poke. He pledges to oppose tax increases. OBTC JustinForOregon.com

Senate District 27 (Bend)

Eileen Kiely (D), a retired financial controller, is challenging incumbent Tim Knopp (R). The district is trending more Democratic, and backers think it could flip this year. AFSCME, IBT, OEA, OFNHP, SEIU Kiely4OR.com

Tim Knopp (R) voted against the paid sick leave law, but for the fair scheduling law. He’s seen as a GOP lawmaker willing to work with labor and plays a helpful role within the GOP caucus. UA 290, UFCW TimKnopp.com

Senate District 28 (Klamath Falls)

Hugh Palcic (D), general manager of the Sunriver Owners Association, faces incumbent Dennis Linthicum (R). AFSCME HughPalcic.com

Senate District 30 (SE Oregon)

Carina Miller (D) faces incumbent Lynn Findley (R). OEA, SEIU CarinaMiller.com


House District 2 (Roseburg)

Gary Leif (R) is the incumbent. OBTC, AFSCME GaryLeif.com

House District 3 (Grants Pass)

Lily Morgan (R), Josephine County Commissioner, is running to succeed Carl Wilson (R). AFSCME VoteLilyMorgan.com

House District 4 (Grants Pass)

Mary Middleton (D) is challenging incumbent Duane Stark. AFL-CIO, AFSCME , OEA, OSEA ElectMary2020.com

Duane Stark (R) is the incumbent. OBTC DuaneStark.org

House District 5 (Ashland)

Pam Marsh (D) incumbent, faces Sandra A Abercrombie (R). IBT 962, ONA, SEIU, UBC, UFCW RepresentativePamMarsh.com

House District 6 (Medford)

Alberto Enriquez (D) is challenging incumbent Kim Wallan (R). AFL-CIO, OBTC, IBT, OEA, SEIU, UFCW Alberto4Medford.com

House District 8 (Eugene)

Paul Holvey (D) is the incumbent and a union carpenter and retired union representative. OBTC, IBT, LiUNA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW PaulHolvey.com

House District 9 (Coos Bay)

Cal Mukumoto (D) is a forestry expert and management consultant facing Boomer Wright (R) in the race to succeed Democrat Caddy McKeown. He’s a supporter of the Jordan Cove project . AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAM, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW, WFP CalMukumoto.com

House District 10 (Central Coast)

David Gomberg (D) incumbent, faces challenger Max Sherman (R). OBTC, UA 290, UFCW ElectGomberg.com

House District 11 (Central Lane/Linn Counties)

Marty Wilde (D) incumbent and director of the Lane County Medical Society, faces challenger Katie Boshart Glaser (R). OBTC, LiUNA, UA 290, UFCW WildeforOregon.com

House District 12 (Springfield)

John Lively (D) incumbent, faces challenger Ruth Linoz (R). OEA, ONA, SEIU ElectJohnLively.com

House District 13 (Eugene)

Nancy Nathanson (D) incumbent, faces challenger David Smith (R). OBTC, IBEW 48, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW NancyNathanson.org

House District 14 (West Eugene)

Julie Fahey (D) incumbent, faces challenger Rich Cunningham (R). OBTC, IBEW 280, IBT, IUPAT, LiUNA, ONA, SEIU, UFCW JulieFahey.org

House District 15 (Albany)

Miriam Cummins (D) is challenging incumbent Shelly Boshart Davis (R). OBTC, IBT, OEA, SEIU, UFCW, USW MiriamGCummins.com

House District 16 (Corvallis)

Dan Rayfield (D) incumbent, faces challenger Jason Hughes (R). OBTC, LiUNA, UA 290, UFCW DanRayfield.com

House District 17 (Scio)

Paige Hook (D) faces Jami Cate (R) to succeed Republican Sherri Sprenger, who’s running for Linn County Commissioner. OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW 280, IBT, OEA, UFCW, USW, WFP PaigeForOregon.com

House District 19 (Salem)

Jackie Leung (D) is a Salem City Council member, a former member of the Coalition of Graduate Employees at Oregon State University, and a graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidate School. She is challenging incumbent Raquel Moore-Green (R). Moore-Green was appointed to the seat to replace Denys Boles, who was appointed to the state senate when Republican Jackie Winters died. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW 280, LiUNA, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW JackieForOregon.org

House District 20 (Monmouth)

Paul Evans (D) incumbent, faces challenger Selma Pierce (R). AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW PaulEvans.org

House District 21 (Salem)

Brian Clem (D) incumbent, faces challenger Jack Esp (R). OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, LiUNA, SEIU BrianClem.com

House District 22 (Woodburn)

Teresa Alonso León (D) incumbent, faces challenger Anna Kasachev (R). OBTC, OEA, ONA, LiUNA, SEIU, UBC, UFCW TeresaForOregon.com

House District 23 (Independence)

Sean Scorvo (D) is challenging incumbent Mike Nearman (R). AFSCME SeanScorvo.com

House District 24 (McMinnville)

Lynnette Shaw (D) is challenging incumbent Ron Noble (R). AFSCME, IBEW 48, IBT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP LynnetteShawForOregon.com

House District 25 (Albany)

Ramiro “RJ” Navarro (D) is challenging incumbent Bill Post (R). AFL-CIO, OFNHP, UFCW RamiroNavarro.org

House District 26 (Sherwood)

Courtney Neron (D) incumbent, faces challenger Peggy Stevens (R). OBTC, IBEW 48, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW, WFP CourtneyForOregon.com

House District 27 (Beaverton)

Sheri Schouten (D) incumbent, faces challenger Sandra Nelson (R). OBTC, LiUNA, ONA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP SheriSchouten.com

House District 28 (Aloha)

WLnsvey Campos (D) is a case manager for a housing non-profit, and a former political organizer for the Oregon Nurses Association and the union-backed group Our Oregon. She wants more affordable housing and a higher minimum wage. She faces Daniel Martin (R) for the seat occupied by Jeff Barker, who retired. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA, AFT, IAFF, IUPAT, LiUNA, OEA, OFNHP, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UBC, UA 290, UFCW, WFP CamposForOregon.com

House District 29 (Hillsboro)

Susan McLain (D) incumbent, faces challenger Dale Fishback (R). OBTC, IBT, LiUNA UA 290, UFCW SusanMcLain.org

House District 31 (Clatskanie)

Brad Witt (D) incumbent, faces challenger Brian Stout (R). OBTC, IBEW 48, OEA, UA 290, UFCW, USW VoteBradWitt.com

House District 32 (Astoria)

Debbie Boothe-Schmidt (D) is a trial assistant at Clatsop County and former president of her local union, AFSCME Local 2746, and member of Oregon AFSCME’s political action committee. She faces Tillamook mayor Suzanne Weber (R), who’s backed heavily by business interests in the race for the seat held by Democrat Tiffiny Mitchell, who didn’t run for reelection. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW 48, IBT, IW, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW DebbieForOregon.com

House District 33 (Portland)

Maxine Dexter (D), incumbent, was appointed after winning the May Democratic primary to the seat occupied by Mitch Greenlick, who died. She’s a critical care doctor and former member of the board of Kaiser Permanente. She faces challenger Dick Courter (R). AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, IBT, OFNHP, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW MaxineForOregon.com

House District 35 (Tigard)

Dacia Grayber (D) a fire fighter and union activist, is running for the seat held by Margaret Doherty (D), who retired. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, OFNHP, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW, WFP DaciaForOregon.com

House District 36 (Portland)

Lisa Reynolds (D), a pediatrician, is running for the seat that was held by Jennifer Williamson (D). AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, OEA, OFNHP, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW LisaForOregon.com

House District 37 (West Linn/Tualatin)

Rachel Prusak (D) is a one-term incumbent, a nurse, and graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidates School. She faces challenger Kelly Sloop (R). AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, UFCW, WFP RachelForStateRep.com

House District 38 (Lake Oswego)

Andrea Salinas (D) incumbent, faces challenger Patrick Castles (R). OBTC, LiUNA, ONA, UA 290, UBC, UFCW AndreaSalinasOregon.com

House District 39 (Canby)

Tessah Danel (D) is challenging incumbent Christine Drazan (R). AFL-CIO, UFCW TessahDanel.com

House District 40 (Gladstone/Oregon City)

Mark Meek (D) incumbent faces challenger Josh Howard (R). OBTC, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW MarkMeek.com

House District 41 (Milwaukie)

Karin Power (D) incumbent, faces challenger Michael Newgard (R). ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW KarinPower.com

House District 44 (Portland)

Tina Kotek (D) is incumbent and Speaker of the House. OBTC, LiUNA,UA 290, WFP VoteTina.com

House District 47 (East Portland)

Ashton Simpson (WF) entered the race as a Working Families Party candidate after allegations of sexual and workplace harassment surfaced against incumbent Diego Hernandez (D), who was unopposed in the Democratic primary. House Speaker Tina Kotek asked Hernandez to step down, but he refused. Simpson works for the neighborhood nonprofit Rosewood Initiative and formerly was a civil engineer in the Air Force and at Colas Construction. If he wins he would be the first third-party candidate elected to the Oregon Legislature in at least 50 years. IBT, ILWU, ONA, UBC, UFCW, WFP AshtonForEastPortland.com

House District 48 (Happy Valley)

Jeff Reardon (D) is the incumbent. OBTC, IBEW 48, LiUNA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW ReardonForOregon.com

House District 49 (Troutdale)

Zach Hudson (D), a Reynolds High School teacher and Troutdale City Councilor, faces Greg Johnson (R) to succeed Chris Gorsek (D), who’s running for state senate. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW ElectZachHudson.com

House District 50 (Gresham)

Ricki Ruiz (R) is the community services coordinator for the City of Gresham and a member of the Reynolds School Board. He faces Amelia Salvador (R) for the seat held by Carla Piluso (D) who declined to run for reelection. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IBEW 48, IBT, LiUNA, OFNHP, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW, WFP Ricki4oregon.com

House District 51 (Clackamas)

Janelle Bynum (D), incumbent, faces Jane Hays (R). OBTC, AFT, ONA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP JanelleBynum.com

House District 52 (Hood River)

Anna Williams (D), incumbent, faces Jeff Helfrich (R). OBTC, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW, WFP FriendsOfAnnaWilliams.com

House District 53 (Redmond)

Jack Zika (R), incumbent, faces a challenge from Emerson Levy (D). UA 290 JackZika.com

House District 54 (Bend)

Jason Kropf (D), a deputy district attorney and member of an independent union, is challenging incumbent Cheri Helt (R). His campaign is considered one of the more promising opportunities to increase the roster of pro-worker legislators. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW 280, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, ONA,SEIU, UA 290, UFCW JasonKropfForBend.com

House District 55 (Prineville)

Barbara Fontaine (D) is challenging incumbent Vikki Breese Iverson (R). OEA FontaineForHD55.com

House District 56 (Klamath Falls)

Faith Leith (D) is challenging incumbent E. Werner Reschke (R). OSEA Faith4hd56.com

House District 57 (Heppner)

Greg Smith (R), incumbent, is considered the most labor-friendly Republican in the House, and may be the one Republican who voted against last year’s PERS cuts for pro-labor reasons. (Most Republican lawmakers voted against it because the cuts weren’t deep enough; Smith reportedly wore an AFSCME tshirt during a hearing on the bill. He faces a token challenge from Roland Ruhe (D). AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, LiUNA, OEA,SEIU, UA 290 RepGregSmith.com

House District 58 (Pendleton)

Bobby Levy (R) is running against Nolan Bylenga (D) to succeed Republican Greg Barreto, who opted not to run again. AFSCME, LiUNA, OSEA BobbyLevyForOregon.com

House District 59 (The Dalles)

Arlene Burns (D) is challenging incumbent Daniel Bonham (R). OSEA, UFCW VoteForArlene.com

House District 60 (Southeast Oregon)

Beth Spell (D) is challenging incumbent Mark Owens (R). OEA, OSEA, UFCW BethSpellForEasternOregon.com

Mark Owens (R) is the incumbent. AFSCME, OBTC MarkOwensForOregon.com


Councilor District 3 (SW)

Gerritt Rosenthal, an environmental consultant, faces Tigard City Council member Tom Anderson. NOLC, AFSCME GerrittForMetro3.net

Councilor District 5 (N, NE and NW Portland)

Mary Nolan is a former Oregon House Majority Leader and was regarded as a labor champion as a state rep. She faces Chris Smith. NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME, ATU, IBEW 48, LiUNA, IAFF, PAT, UBC, UFCW NolanForMetro.com

Ballot measure 26-218 (Transportation bond)

YES $4 billion in region-wide investments in transportation across the metro region over 20 years, creating 37,500 construction jobs. Projects include 120 miles of road improvements, 45 miles of sidewalks, 4,000 streetlights, bus rapid transit, and light rail. Funded by a 0.75% payroll tax on businesses with 25 or more employees. CPBCTC, AFSCME 3580, PAT, NOLC, IBEW 48, LiUNA, UFCW LetsGetMoving2020.com



Commission, Position 4

Ken Humberston, incumbent commissioner, is seeking a second term and faces off against Timber Unity backed Mark Shull. NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME, LiUNA, AFSCME 350, IAFF, IBEW 48, IBT, Insulators, IUOE, IUPAT, IW, UA 290, UFCW VoteKenH4ccc.com


Commissioner, Position 1

Margaret Magruder, incumbent commissioner, owns a wool insulation company. She faces challenger Brandee Dudzic NOLC, IBEW 48 MargaretMagruder.com

Brandee Dudzic is a veteran and law librarian AFSCME, UFCW Brandee2020.com

Commissioner, Position 3

Alex Tardiff is the incumbent AFSCME, UFCW AlexForColumbiaCounty.com


Commissioner, Position 2

Phil Chang is a forest policy expert and a former field representative for U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. AFSCME, LiUNA VotePhilChang.com



Terrie Martin is a former reporter for the Medford Mail Tribune. SEIU, UFCW, WFP TerrieForJacksonCounty.com



Ron Smith UFCW VoteRonSmith.com


Commissioner, Position 3 (S Eugene)

Laurie Trieger is a community activist and works for a nonprofit that helps reintegrate the formerly incarcerated. She faces Joel Iboa. AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBT, SEIU, UBC, UFCW LaurieTrieger.com



Scott Bruslind UFCW ScottBruslindForLinnCounty.com


Commissioner, Position 3

Ashley Carson Cottingham (D) works for the State of Oregon on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities. She faces Danielle Bethell (R). AFT, IAFF, IBT, MPY-CLC, Salem BCTC, IBEW 280, IW 29, SEIU, SMART 16, UFCW, WFP Ashley4Oregon.com


Measure 26-211 (Library Bond)

YES A nine-year $387 million bond to enlarge and modernize seven county libraries, school security and facility improvements, add Gigabit-speed internet to all 19 library branches, and build a new library in Gresham with the size and capacity of downtown Central Library. NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME 88, IBEW 48, LiUNA, UBC, WFP YesForOurLibraries.org

Measure 26-214 (Preschool for All)

YES Tuition-free preschool available for all Multnomah County 3 and 4 year olds — and livable wages for preschool teachers and assistants— would be funded by an income tax on the highest income county residents. Parents would have a choice of public, private and in-home preschool. The tax would be 1.5% on annual taxable income (income after tax deductions) for those making between $125,000 and $250,000 ($200,000 and $400,000 for joint filers) and 3% on income above that. NOLC, AFSCME 88, PAT PreschoolForAll.org

Circuit Court Judge, 4th District, Position 12

Rima Ghandour is a commercial litigation attorney running for a spot on state circuit court. NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME, PCCFAP, UFCW RimaForJudge.com


Commissioner, Position #1

Danny Jaffer is a water co-op president and retired Navy officer and pilot. UFCW



Josh Brown is a senior deputy with the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office. UFCW JoshBrownForSheriff.com


Commissioner, District 1

Nafisa Fai is a Somali immigrant, founder of the annual Pan African Festival, and a public health advocate. She came in first place in May and now faces a runoff with Jeff Hindley. The outcome of this race will determine whether or not the county leans in a pro-labor progressive direction NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME, LiUNA, IBT, LiUNA, OEA, IAFF, IBEW 48, PCCFFAP, SEIU, UBC, UA 290, UFCW NafisaForWashingtonCounty.com

Circuit Court Judge, 20th District, Position 5

Kelly Lemarr is a lawyer for a St. Andrew Legal Clinic in Hillsboro, a non-profit law firm that provides low-cost legal services to working families. NOLC, AFSCME KellyLemarrForJudge.com




Sharon Konopa, incumbent, faces Alex Johnson II. UFCW SharonKonopa.com

City Council, Ward 1

Keith Kolkow faces two other candidates. AFSCME, UFCW KeithForAlbany.org

City Council, Ward 2

Amanda Dant is a small business owner. AFSCME Facebook.com/Amanda4Oregon


City Council Pos 1

Paula Hyatt UFCW PaulaMHyatt.com



Lacey Beaty is a Beaverton City Council member and a manager at Virginia Garcia Health Center. She advocated for paid family medical leave, and wants more investment in affordable housing and sidewalks. Incumbent mayor Denny Doyle is president of League of Oregon Cities, and his opposition there to expanding prevailing wage to Enterprise Zones was also a factor for some unions that backed his challenger. CPBCTC, IBT, IUOE, IW, LiUNA, OEA, PCCFFAP BeatyForBeaverton.com

Denny Doyle, incumbent mayor, is seeking a fourth four-year term. IAFF, IBEW 48, SEIU VoteDennyDoyle.com

Councilor, Position 6

Nadia Hasan is a supplier performance manager at Nike, former high school teacher, and a neighborhood activist. NOLC, CPBCTC, IBEW 48 NadiaForBeaverton.com


City Council Position 1

Melanie Kebler LiUNA, UFCW, UA 290 MelanieKebler.com

City Council Position 2

Anthony Broadman LiUNA, UFCW BroadmanForBend.com

City Council Position 3

Megan Perkins LiUNA MeganForBend.com

City Council Position 4

Rita Schneckler LiUNA RitaForBend.org



Eddy Morales is the founder of East County Rising and treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon. NOLC, AFSCME, IAFF, IBEW 48, IBT, LiUNA, UBC, UFCW, WFP EddyMorales.com

City Council, Position 1

Dina DiNucci is a civic activist and former coffee shop owner and city worker. NOLC, UFCW DinaForGresham.com

City Council, Position 3

Vince Jones Dixon was appointed to fill a vacancy and is running for re-election. NOLC, IBEW 48, UFCW facebook.com/CouncilorVinceJonesDixon

City Council, Position 5

Dave Dyk is a software company manager, neighborhood activist and finance committee vice chair for the City of Gresham. NOLC, CPBCTC, IBEW 48, IBT, UFCW DaveDyk.com


City Council, Ward 3, Position B

Kimberly Culbertson is a community activist. NOLC, CPBCTC, IBEW 48


City Council, Pos 3

Michele Roland-Schwartz UFCW MicheleForOregon.com

City Council, Pos 2

Dylan Juran UFCW

City Council, Pos 1

Mike DeDlasi AFSCME, UFCW DeBlasi4abetterkeizer.com



Joe Buck is a cafe owner, Chamber of Commerce officer and former Lake Oswego city council member. AFSCME 1546, IAFF 1159 Joe-Buck.org

Theresa Kohlhoff is a Lake Oswego city council member. NOLC, UFCW VoteForTMK.com

Council (Vote for 3 of the 5 candidates)

Emma Burke is a licensed massage therapist. NOLC, CPBCTC, IAFF, IBEW 48, IW LiUNA, UFCW ElectEmmaBurke.com

Melissa Fireside NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME 1156, IAFF, IB, UFCW, WFP Fireside2020.com

Massene Mboup is a French teacher and founder of a school. NOLC, UFCW MasseneMboupForLakeOswego.com



Kevin Stine UFCW KevinStine.com


Council Position 3 (Vote for 2 of the 4 candidates)

Adam Khosroabadi is a marine veteran and a football coach at PSU. UFCW, WFP AdamKhosro.com

Desi Nicodemus is a fifth grade teacher and teachers union member at the North Clackamas School District. OEA DesiForMilwaukie.com


City Council Position 2

Denyse McGriff, incumbent, is a retired city planner and AFSCME union member; she faces business owner Dave Hayden AFSCME DenyseForOC.com


Measure 26-213 (Parks Bond)

YES Measure 26-213 would give Portland Parks and Recreation a secure funding source. It would restore recreation programs, including fitness classes, arts, senior programs, and youth programs, and keep the doors open at Multnomah Arts Center, Community Music Center, and Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. It’s a property tax levy of $0.80 per $1,000 of assessed value, and would raise an estimated $48 million a year over five years. NOLC, CPBTC, AFSCME 189, IBEW 48, LiUNA, LiUNA 483, Protec17 PortlandersForParks.org

Measure 26-217 (Police Accountability)

YES This measure would create a new police accountability system for the City of Portland, with an independent staff and sufficient power to investigate the most serious complaints of excessive force, including shootings and deaths in custody. OFNHP, PAT, SEIU RealPoliceAccountability.org


Ted Wheeler, having doubled homeless shelter capacity and built 800 new units of affordable housing, is seeking a second four-year term as mayor of Portland. By and large, unions that had dealings with the city don’t think Wheeler had a faultless first term, but they see a knowledgeable mayor who has worked to maintain good relationships with unions dating back to his time as state treasurer and county chair. NOLC, CPBCTC, IBEW 48, UFCW TedWheeler.com

Commissioner, Position 4

Chloe Eudaly, the incumbent commissioner, delivered on what she ran on four years ago, and that’s action on housing. Rent control was banned statewide, but Eudaly led passage of the closest thing to it: a renter relocation ordinance that required landlords to pay the equivalent three months rent if they raise rents more than 10%. PAT, PCCFAP, PROTEC17 VoteChloe.com

Mingus Mapps, a former political science professor, objected to Eudaly’s plan to diminish the role of neighborhood associations and end funding for citizen crime patrols, and was fired from Eudaly’s Portland Office of Community and Civic Life. Now he’s running for his former boss’s job. A number of labor organizations are backing him, in part because Eudaly has not been very accessible and has made little effort to build relationships with unions. CPBCTC, IAM, IBEW 48, SEIU, UBC MingusMapps.com


Councilor, Ward 3

Kori Rodley is a manager at United Way. He was the top vote-getter in the May primary and faces a runoff with Johanis Tadeo. LCCLC, IAFF, IBT, SMART, UBC, UFCW KoriRodley.com


City Council

Janette Shaw UFCW ShawForTigard.com


City Council, Position 2

Cyndy Hillier is director of the drug and alcohol prevention nonprofit Tualatin Together UFCW


City Council (Vote for 2 of the 4 candidates)

Kristin Akervall UFCW AkervallForWilsonville.com

John Budiao UFCW Facebook.com/FriendsOfJohnBudiao


City Council

Jairo Rios-Campos NOLC


Measure 26-215

YES Measure 26-215 renews an existing bond, part of a series of bonds that are rebuilding or retrofitting Portland schools. This one allocates $310 million for a new/modernized Jefferson High School, funds new HVAC systems, roofs, and security systems, and pays for seismic retrofits. You’d think a bond measure like this would get enthusiastic support from construction unions. They’re not opposing this one, but aren’t endorsing it either — not just because much past work has gone to non-union firms but also because PPS construction project managers have lowered standards: In stark contrast to Multnomah County, which welcomed the help of union reps in finding wage theft, PPS has put up roadblocks, redacting public records and asking unions to pay thousands of dollars for public documents. PAT YesPDXschools.com



WHERE’S CONGRESSWOMAN JAMIE HERRERA-BEUTLER? Even before the pandemic, Southwest Washington Republican Herrera Beutler had developed a reputation as a Congresswoman who was very rarely seen in her district. She’d held no in-person town halls since early 2017, instead answering only hand-picked questions at scripted telephone town halls. At a September 2019 awards banquet for the Labor Roundtable of Southwest Washington, that made for a little bit of comedy: Herrera-Beutler sent a video greeting, which was played to chuckles from the audience given that her Democratic challenger Carolyn Long was there in person (above).

Congressional District 3 (Vancouver)

Carolyn Long (D), a political science professor at WSU Vancouver, got 47% of the vote two years ago in her Democratic challenge to Republican incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler. Turnout will be much greater in this year’s general election, and supporters think she has a good chance of winning. Herrera Beutler’s votes over five terms in office have earned her a 21% lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO. This year she voted against the PRO Act, a far-reaching bill that would make it easier for workers to unionize and get a first contract free from employer intimidation. AFL-CIO, UA 290, UFCW ElectLong.com

LONG vs. HERRERA-BEUTLER: WATCH THE DEBATE League of Women Voters is sponsoring a live televised debate Clark/Vancouver Television (CVTV) and streaming afterward at CVTV.org. 2 p.m. on Fri., Oct. 9. is the first time the congresswoman has agreed to a formal debate. In October 2018, the League had to cancel a scheduled debate between Long and Herrera Beutler because Herrera Beutler never responded to their inquiries.



Jay Inslee (D) was once disinvited to speak at the state AFL-CIO convention after defying labor to give Boeing a record-breaking no-strings-attached $8.7 billion tax break. But he’s also signed dozens of pro-labor bills expanding collective bargaining, the prevailing wage, and infrastructure investment. AFL-CIO, AFSCME JayInslee.com

Lieutenant Governor

Two Democrats got the most votes in Washington’s “top two” primary so voters decide between them. Both are considered pro-labor, and the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, has endorsed both. Voters pick just one, however.

  • Marko Liias (D) is a Washington state senator from Everett with a strong pro-labor voting record. MarkoForWA.com
  • Denny Heck (D), a sitting Congressman with a 93% pro-labor voting record, was a late entry into the race. DennyHeck.com

Secretary of State

Gael Tarleton (D) is a state representative and former commissioner at the Port of Seattle. She faces Kim Wyman (R). AFL-CIO, AFSCME, IBEW 48, LiUNA 242, 252, SEIU 775, WEA VoteForGael.org

State Treasurer

Mike Pellicciotti (D) is a state representative and former assistant attorney general. He faces Duane Davidson (R). AFL-CIO, IAM, IBEW 77, IBT, ILWU 23, LiUNA 242, 252, UA 669, UBC, UFCW 21, WEA, WNSA ElectMikeP.com

State Auditor

Pat McCarthy (D) is the incumbent state auditor and a former Pierce County executive. She faces Chris Leyba (R). AFL-CIO

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D) is the incumbent attorney general. He faces Matt Larkin (R). AFL-CIO, AFSCME ElectBobFerguson.com

Public Lands Commissioner

Hilary Franz (D) faces Sue Kuehl Pederson (R) AFL-CIO, AFSCME HilaryFranz.com

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal faces Maia Espinoza AFL-CIO, AFSCME

State Supreme Court

  • Pos. 3 — Raquel Montoya-Lewis AFL-CIO
  • Pos. 4 — Charles Johnson AFL-CIO
  • Pos. 6 — Helen Whitener AFL-CIO
  • Pos. 7 — Debra Stephens AFL-CIO


Legislative District 17 (Eastside Vancouver)

State Senate

Daniel Smith (D) is a social worker who manages a local health care non-profit. He’s also the husband of Bethany Rivard, a devoted union activist with the Vancouver Education Association and delegate to the Southwest Washington Labor Council. He’s running against incumbent Lynda Wilson (R). AFL-CIO, WBT, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, OFNHP, SEIU 1199NW, UA 290, UFCW SmithForSenate.org

State Representative Position 1

Tanisha Harris (D) is challenging incumbent Vicki Kraft (R) AFL-CIO, AFT, IAFF, LiUNA 335, OFNHP, PROTEC17, SEIU, UA 290, UBC, UFCW ElectTanisha.com

State Representative Position 2

Paul Harris (R) is the incumbent, and is facing a challenge from a fellow Republican. AFSCME ElectHarris.com

Legislative District 18 (Clark County)

State Senate

Rick Bell (D) is challenging incumbent Ann Rivers (R). AFL-CIO, OFNHP, UFCW CitizenBell.com

State Representative Position 1

Kassandra Bessert (D) is challenging incumbent Brandon Vick (R). AFL-CIO, UFCW Bessert4rep.com

State Representative Position 2

Donna Sinclair (D) is challenging incumbent Larry Hoff (R). AFL-CIO, IAFF, IBEW 48, LiUNA 335, OFNHP, PROTEC17, UA 290, UFCW Sinclair4state.com

Legislative District 19 (Longview to Aberdeen)

State Senate

Dean Takko (D), the incumbent,faces Jeff Wilson (R) AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, UFCW DeanTakko.com

State Representative Position 1

Marianna Everson (D), a nurse union member, faces incumbent Jim Walsh (R). UFCW MariannaForThePeople.com

State Representative Position 2

Brian Blake (D) is a long-serving incumbent and former logger AFL-CIO, AFT, ILWU, UFCW ElectBrianBlake.com

Legislative District 20 (Centralia, Cowlitz & Lewis Counties)

State Representative Position 1

Timothy Zahn (D) is challenging incumbent Richard DeBolt (R). OFNHP, UFCW ElectZahn.com

State Representative Position 2

Will Rollet (D) is challenging incumbent Ed Orcutt (R) UFCW Facebook.com/RolletForWA20thLD

Legislative District 49 (Vancouver)

State Senate

Annette Cleveland (D) is the incumbent and faces Rey Reynolds (R) IBEW 48, UBC, UFCW AnnetteCleveland.com

State Representative Position 1

Monica Stonier (D), incumbent, faces Park Llafet (R) AFL-CIO, AFT, IAFF, UA 290, UBC, UFCW VoteMonicaStonier.com

State Representative Position 2

Sharon Wylie (D), incumbent, faces Justin Forsman (R) AFL-CIO, UA 290, UFCW



County Council, District 3

Jesse James is a former member of the Seafarers International Union. He’s running against Karen Bowerman, whose husband is chair of the Clark County Republican Party. ILWU, UFCW ElectJesseJames.com

County Council, District 4

Matt Little is an independent running against Republican Gary Medvigy. He’s a fundraiser for early childhood education, former head of Cascade Forest Conservancy and once served as advisor to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. SWWACLC, IBEW 48, ILWU, UA 290, WEA MattLittle4ClarkCounty.org


Commissioner Dist 1

Lee Tischer UFCW


Labor organization acronyms refer to a union’s statewide or regional body unless a local number is listed. In each entry, AFL-CIO, NOLC, OBTC, and CPBCTC appear first because they’re coordinating bodies made up of multiple labor unions.

  • AFL-CIO state federation most unions belong to
  • AFSCME State, County, and Municipal Employees
  • AFT American Federation of Teachers-Oregon or local affiliate
  • ATU Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757
  • CPBCTC Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council
  • CWA Communications Workers of America Local 7901
  • IAFF Fire Fighters or local affiliate
  • IBEW Electrical Workers
  • IBT Teamsters
  • ILWU Longshore/warehouse
  • Insulators – Insulators Local 36
  • IUOE Operating Engineers Local 701
  • IUPAT Painters District Council 5
  • IW Ironworkers Local 29
  • LCCLC Lane County Central Labor Chapter
  • LiUNA Ore. and S. Idaho District Council of Laborers
  • NOLC NW Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • OBTC Oregon State Building Trades Council
  • OEA Oregon Education Association or local affiliate
  • OFNHP Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
  • ONA Oregon Nurses Association
  • OSEA Oregon School Employees Assoc.
  • PAT Portland Association of Teachers
  • PCCFFAP/PCCFCE faculty and classified locals of AFT at Portland Community College
  • PROTEC 17 Professional & Technical Employees at City of Portland
  • SMART Sheet Metal Local 16
  • UA 290 Plumbers and Fitters
  • UFCW United Food & Commercial Workers Local 555
  • UBC Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters
  • WFP Oregon Working Families Party, a union-backed minor party


  1. This is a tremendous guide. In my labor communications work, I frequently look for state and local information on union-endorsed candidates (and, more specifically, union members running for office). I’ve never come across anything comparable.

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