Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Library reduces number of planned layoffs

After weeks of organized public outcry and behind-the-scenes union lobbying, Multnomah County Library averted most layoffs announced in July.

Unions and contractors ready for Safe from Hate

Portland-area construction unions, contractors and subcontractors will join an industry effort to make workplace culture more welcoming.

Gallup poll shows public approval of unions growing

This year, 65% of respondents said they approve, tying with 2003 and 1999 as the highest levels in the last 53 years.

Three more years for Clay and Anderson

UFCW Local 555 has seen fast growth and contract and legislative breakthroughs, but fights lie ahead.

Wildfire crisis response

Oregon labor organizations have been working to connect members to resources.

New Beaverton arts center tops out

The $51 million 43,000-square-foot complex will feature a 550-seat performance venue, an art gallery, meeting rooms, and a showcase plaza.

OR-OSHA: Workers are counting on you

Our state government can help us by strengthening workplace protection for COVID-19. Join us: Call on the governor and OR-OSHA to do right.

Christ George Vokos, 1923-2020

Vokos was active in the Greek community and led Bakers Local 364 as secretary-treasurer from 1969 to 1985.

Jeffrey P. Washburn, 1957-2020

A 41-year member of the Plumbers and Fitters, he led the Cowlitz Wahkiakum Labor Council and the Longview/ Kelso Building Trades Council.

Emergency? Send a firefighter to the House

Firefighter Dacia Grayber is a union true-believer with the work ethic of a super-volunteer and the courage to confront any adversity.

Study says employers are skirting landmark law aimed at curbing abusive scheduling practices

The only statewide law of its kind, SB 828 was meant to make workers’ schedules more predictable, but a UO study shows it's falling short.

Help for workers exposed to COVID? Not in Oregon

Oregon labor has been calling for essential workers who test positive for COVID-19 to be automatically covered by workers’ comp.

Preschool for All heads to Multnomah County ballot

Two campaigns for free preschool have merged so that Multnomah County voters can decide on a single measure this November.

Oregon Supreme Court upholds PERS cuts

The Oregon Supreme Court say lawmakers can cut benefits going forward, just not benefits employees have already earned.

Former USPS site will be a model of high-road development

Portland City Council is scheduled to vote Sept. 23 on an agreement that will ensure years of employment for union construction trades workers and enhanced opportunities in construction for women and minorities.

Southwest Washington Central Labor Council launches new podcast

Working to Live in Southwest Washington will launch Sept. 5. The plan is to talk with local newsmakers about kitchen table issues.

Wyden at protest: Save the U.S. Postal Service

Aug. 22 saw demonstrations in support of the U.S. Postal Service at hundreds of post offices around the country.

Local unions coordinate food distribution for workers idled by the COVID recession

Some union locals are experiencing 100% unemployment but the food boxes are available to anyone in need, union or not.