STARS banquet canceled, Painters still receive bonuses they earned

Members of Painters & Drywall Finishers Local 10 received bonus awards as part of the STARS Program. A banquet to present checks had to be canceled this year because of the stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Kate Brown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Participating members were mailed checks ranging from $300 to $1,350. The amounts are based on the number of skill advancement and safety training classes they took the previous year. Additional money is available for journeyman who mentor apprentices. The Painters Union/Management Partnership (PUMP) committee added some extra cash from the money that wasn’t spent on the banquet.

Due to the fact that many of the March classes were canceled, the PUMP Committee made some exceptions regarding the bonus. Some participants were allowed to qualify even though they were lacking certain required classes. They were asked to make them up once training has resumed at the Training Center.

The STARS program was initiated in 2004 when Painters and Allied Trades District Council 5 and the Signatory Painting Contractors Organization made a commitment to each other to field the best-trained workforce in the industry. This led to the creation of PUMP. The program is funded by a cents-per-hour contribution negotiated in their collective bargaining agreement. Local 1236 started funding its program in 2010.

Local 10 Increase & Bonus: Darrell Adelhart, Luis Alfaro Ramirez, Michael Antrim, Robert Beaber, Daniel Beachem, Joe Bishop, Tim Bradfield, Annaliese Chamberlain-Holt, Angel Cuellar, John Daniels, Orvin Dean, Kenneth Drysdale, Tasha Fields, Foo-Beng Foong, Jose Franquez, Jaime Garcia, Eileen Grigat, Maria Guevara, Scott Hayes, Carlos Hernandez, Hernan Hernandez, Randall Jaimes Escobar, Damon Keene, Jose Lopez, Hernando Magallanes, Higinio Marcos-Jimenez, James McClara, Julio Mena Fuentes, David Mercado, James Meyer, Antonio Morales, Leonardo Moreno Ochoa, Daniel Norman, Rodney Patterson, Charles Pennell, Christine Pfeil, Atanacio Rodriguez, Steven Rodriguez, Jorge Rubio Campos, Kevin Sauers, Vince Spillman, Jeff Splichal, Rajiv Sutton, Juan Velasquez, Chris Vezaldenos, Jordan Wakefield, Robert Woods, and Juan Zepeda.

Increase only: Jermie Ali, Melissa Austin, Randy Bartling, Mike Bokamper, Johnny Criss-Lawson, Jorge Cuellar, Harry Drury, Ryan Ely, Audel Farias-Serrato, Audel Alexander Gould, Jason Graham, Colby Hall, Raymond Johnson, Michael Keller, Andrew Kingery, Daniel Longoria, Jose Maldonado, Brian Malkson, Sean McCarthy, Moises Mercado, Joel Miller, Timothy Pierce, Frank Ramos, Kirk Robertson, Jon Saiz, Raymond Stallsworth, and Scott Woodward.

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